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WordPress Templates
WordPress Templates

Enlightenment E16 1.0.5 (source)
Enlightenment E16 is not just a window manager for Linux / X11 and others, but also a whole set of libraries that will help create a beautiful user interface with much less work. It spans users from small mobile devices like telephones all the way to powerful multi-core desktop computers (which are the main development environment). Changes: crash when creating a menu immediately after its removal is fixed, problems with scaling windows on limited screens are resolved ...

Relator 1.0
  This application is intended for all those who have problems with text translation, and if you consider that the program translates from 52 languages, then we can say with confidence that Relator is for everyone. To install, you must copy Translation.servic e to the Services folder (Mac HDD ▸ Libraries ▸ Services), and if you want the service to work only for you (Mac HDD ▸ [HomeDirectory] ▸ Libraries ▸ Services). Sometimes such a folder does not exist and solve this problem ...

HyperDoc 1.0
Adds to the dock the function of viewing open program windows with the ability to select the active one.

ViewFD 2.5.7
ViewFD is a free file manager. In addition to standard functions, ViewFD has: - Video and audio players (DirectShow, MCI), working with their lists (M3U, PLS) .- Editing tags and renaming MP3 and WMA files. - Quick view files in an inactive panel and full-screen slide show. for image files. - Image customization. Resizing a group of images and creating HTML albums. - View and edit database tables of formats TXT, DBF, DB, SQL (BDE, ADO) .- Control ...

Iks Menu v1.7.9 NULLED - Customizable Accordion Menu for WordPress
Iks Menu - Super Customizable Accordion Menu for WordPress

WP Mega Menu Pro v1.3.3 NULLED
WP Mega Menu Pro - Stylish and Responsive Mega Menu Builder for WordPress - Themeum

WP Crowdfunding Pro v11.1.3 NULLED
WP Crowdfunding Pro - Premium WordPress Crowdfunding Plugin

WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards v2.0.11 NULLED - WooCommerce Points and Rewards
WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards is a plugin to attract customers by rewarding them with points. Customers can convert these points into a coupon and apply discounts to the basket. Are you looking for an automated system that gives points to customers even when registering? Send points to your regular customers by subscription, when buying a product, when writing a review on a product, and much more. Customers will receive a reward for the accumulated points for the purchase of goods in your stores with a discount of up to 100%. This plugin allows customers to receive their points and exchange them for coupons.

Ad Inserter Pro v2.6.3 NULLED - Advanced WordPress Advertising Plugin
Ad Inserter Pro - Advanced WordPress Ads Management Plugin

myStickyElements Pro v1.7.8 NULLED
My Sticky Elements: Floating Contact Form, Call, Chat WordPress Plugin - Premio This is a WordPress plugin that will help you get more potential customers with a beautiful floating contact form, and also displays social icons for your Facebook page, Twitter page, Whatsapp, email , hours of work and many others. Info: https://premio.io/downloads/mystickyelements/

Elementor Pro Form Widget Plugin - Bitrix24 CRM v1.6.0 NULLED
Elementor Pro Form Widget - Bitrix24 CRM - Integration

WP ERP v1.5.13 (+ Extensions) - Full WordPress Business Manager
WP ERP - Complete HR, CRM and Accounting solution for WordPress

WhatsApp Chat WordPress v2.3.1 - WhatsApp Chat for WordPress
The WhatsApp Chat for WordPress plugin allows you to integrate WhatsApp chat directly into your website. This is one of the best ways to connect and interact with your client, you can offer direct support, as well as gain trust and increase customer loyalty.

WooCommerce Subscriptions v3.0.1 - Subscriptions for WooCommerce
WooCommerce Subscriptions is a plugin that provides periodic billing products and services in your WooCommerce Store. Together with WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can sell subscription-based products and services. This description will help you understand how to do this. It describes the available options for choosing how to sell goods and services based on a subscription in your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Quick Order Plugin v1.3.3
Do you have customers who know what they want to buy? The WooCommerce Quick Order plugin can help you with this. With this plugin, your users can search for products by SKU or by name and buy them all at once. In addition, you can create dynamic quick order tables for all of your products to make purchases faster.

Woocommerce Easy Checkout Field Editor v1.9.5 Plugin
The Woocommerce Easy Checkout Field Editor plugin allows you to add / edit / delete fields in the checkout form. You can change their order using the convenient UI. The plugin supports 15 types of commonly used custom fields. You can send custom field data by e-mail and display it on the administrator’s order page.

GravityView v2.7.1 - WordPress Form Display Plugin Gravity Forms
GravityView is a set of plugins that simplifies the output of Gravity Forms entries on your WordPress site. GravityView - these are plugins that provide integration with third-party services or add simple improvements and features to Gravity Forms; compared to add-ons, this plugin carries a wider range of functionality

Coin Market Cap & Prices v3.7 - WordPress cryptocurrency plugin
Coin Market Cap & Prices - WordPress Cryptocurrency Plugin

WooCommerce Variations Table v1.2.10 - WooCommerce Product Variation Table
Turn your WooCommerce variable products into a spreadsheet. With the WooCommerce Variations Table plugin, you can turn your product variables into a beautiful table. Select the data you want to display and activate the additional functions of the table. For example, sorting, searching, filtering, exporting and more.

WooCommerce Product Catalog Mode v1.6.7 - WooCommerce catalog mode
Transform your WooCommerce store into a catalog using the WooCommerce Product Catalog Mode plugin! This plugin removes prices, removes the Add to Cart button, or replaces it with a request form. If you have a product / store category that you want to leave in the standard form of WooCommerce, then just put them on the exclusion list!

WooCommerce Show Variations as Single Products v1.0.6
Do it like Amazon or other major online retailers: show options as individual products in your WooCommerce store or on category pages. With our neat plugin, you can convert boring variable products into individual products that the user can buy or view directly.
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