400 000 free backlinks
Get up to 350,000 free backlinks for your website or blog in just a few minutes!

Let me explain how the automatic backlink generator tool will generate free backlinks for your website.
Just enter your domain and keyword (s) for your website in the toolboxes. Now you can choose how many backlinks you want to generate.

Once you click Submit Now, the Backlink Generator will start generating links and reports that generate your link.

Rapid Indexer sends your URLs to various stats sites. These sites give meaning to your URLs and also provide a free backlink to your site. Our fast indexer submits your URLs to over 350 000 sites, giving you so many one-way backlinks and getting your Google URLs indexed fast!

Matomo v3.6.1 - Web analytics script
Matomo is an open source web analytics system built by web developers from all over the world. Matomo is installed on a web server and runs on PHP / MySQL. Today Matomo is used on over 1,000,000 sites. Matomo strives to become a full-fledged free, open and independent alternative to Google Analytics in the world and, in particular, Yandex. Metrics in Russia.

LiCharts v1.2 - Combining LI Statistics
The LiCharts script combines the statistics of your sites from LiveInternet, building a graph based on the total traffic data, as well as providing convenient monitoring of the current activity of all sites on one page.

Script capabilities:
Total traffic of added sites
Daily / weekly / monthly charts
Working with password-protected statistics
Show today's data with change
Blocking access with a password (uncomment line 6 at the beginning of the script)
Site groups
Open source, no database required

WP Autofillable Real Estate Website
An autofilled real estate site is an Internet resource that is independently filled with information on a given topic. Such a site is just a godsend in the real estate industry. Thanks to regular updates, all the latest market news will always be collected on it.

Website maintenance does not take time from the owner. The developed system automatically selects fresh information and accompanies it with high-quality images. The advantage of auto-filled sites is that when publishing any information, a link to its source will be indicated. Thus, the articles are not accused of plagiarism.

creation of an auto-filled news site in 37 minutes full version
The new video course will show you how easy and simple it is to create self-filled sites with content that is 30-80% unique!

You will learn what successful internet entrepreneurs do and how they do it. And you will understand what is hidden under the tip of the iceberg.

Together with the course you will receive for free:

Special plugin for importing content.
Up to 120 ready-made, customized import tapes from 120 sources.
Three plugins for automatic content uniqueization.
Ready-made bases for uniqueizing text content in two ways.
The original Wordpress assembly with all the necessary plugins.

autofilled media news site
An autofilled media news site and 32,000 articles on WordPress that is automatically populated with articles from other sources. The site automatically translates the Russian articles that are being filled into English, which gives its uniqueness very well. Translation of articles into English is implemented through the Yandex api. The site is filled at a certain time interval, which can be customized for yourself. The kit includes instructions for installing and configuring a site for beginners.

20 Auto-Filled Websites on WP
20 Auto-Filled Websites on WP

Downloading a unique selection of 20 auto-filled sites of various topics on WordPress - for free. A good option in order to start making good passive income in different exchanges. Collected various sites on different topics and with different functionality.

Sites are well indexed by search engines.

YouTube search script for DLE
YouTube search script for DLE

YouTube video search, preview and insert for DLE news editor.

After installing the parser in the editor.
Installation upload the youtube folder to / engine / editor / jscripts / tiny_mce / plugins
When you create a project, you get the api key for Google Cloud Platform
You register it in the config var key = 'here the API key V3';
You edit this file /engine/editor/shortnews.php add youtube plugin

Dump of DS-Garant site on DLE
Dump of DS-Garant site to DLE 12.0 together with sql database.

Digital goods store script Download
Seomaxvip is a complete assembly and a whole site of finished goods for sale. Online payment option, all DLE-Billing systems are built into the script. A script with all files and goods on it! The template itself was built based on the Varez book template. A script for an online store that is suitable for selling any digital goods such as programs, templates, scripts, plugins and codes.

Premium Addons PRO v1.8.7 NULLED - premium add-ons for Elementor

Premium Addons PRO are super useful widgets and apps for Elementor Page Designer. Over 45+ widgets that help you complete your websites faster and with much better quality. Premium Addons are 100% modular, you can enable the elements you use and disable the rest for better performance. The plugin is designed in the same way as Elementor, which means that JS files are loaded depending on what elements you use on each page. Premium Addons widgets are tested in all major web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer to ensure full browser compatibility for all elements. Premium Addons can be fully renamed with your brand names and author details. Your customers will never know what tools you use to create your site.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro v5.8 NULLED - WordPress Affiliate Program

Ultimate Affiliate Pro - with its help you can organize a bonus system for attracting new users. A distinctive feature is that it integrates into any site and you do not need to install Woocommerce to use it. Attract new users for bonuses and build your pyramid with the Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin.

Ultimate Membership Pro v8.6 NULLED - Paid Access WordPress

Ultimate Membership Pro - WordPress Membership Plugin This is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create and work with multi-level exclusive access for your users based on simple free or paid packages.

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates v13.1.0 NULLED - Amazon WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates - WordPress Plugin is a convenient premium plugin that can significantly improve a project or an existing online store. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates offers the opportunity to sell affiliate products, provides interaction with Amazon, the user will be able to track the package.

Coupon Wheel v3.0.9 - Roulette Coupons for WooCommerce

Coupon Wheel For WooCommerce and WordPress Engage your customers by giving them the chance to win a coupon by spinning the wheel of fortune. Automatically issuing unique WooCommerce coupon codes, immediately displaying coupons or sending them by mail, displaying a countdown timer for coupon DURATION for greater interaction, collecting data (email, name, surname) and subscribing customers to your MailChimp lists and much more ...

WP GEO Website Protection PRO 2.8.3

This is a security plugin to restrict access from unwanted countries or IP addresses.

Woo Products Table Pro v5.7.6 - WooCommerce Product Tables

Woo Product Table Pro - Making Quick Order Table Are you looking for a plugin to display your WooCommerce products as a table that is easy to manage? Then
Woo Product Table Pro is a good choice for you.

PLUS Admin Theme v1.0.2 - WordPress admin panel template

PLUS Admin Theme - WordPress White Label Branding Admin Theme Full and fully working WordPress White Label Admin theme at the moment. Setting up your admin panel has never been so easy, with so many options, easy to use and the ability to change everything in seconds.

MemberPress Pro v1.8.0 - Paid Access on Wordpress

MemberPress is an easy-to-use WordPress membership plugin that allows you to offer your visitors paid access to premium content and other products. This powerful membership software is installed on your site and helps you instantly start charging access fees. MemberPress gives you the power to confidently create, manage, and track membership subscriptions and sell digital downloadable products.

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor v1.5.27 Plugin

Customize your checkout fields through your admin panel!
The checkout field editor provides you with an interface for adding, editing, and deleting fields displayed on the WooCommerce checkout page. Fields can be added and removed from billing and delivery sections, and pasted after these sections next to the standard “order notes”.

Taqyeem v2.6.2 - WordPress Review Plugin

Taqyeem is a premium WordPress plugin for managing reviews and ratings ... This plugin was created to add pleasant ratings and reviews to your posts, pages and custom post types. Use the settings to create the perfect complement to your site. Change the fonts, image, colors, style and, of course, the criteria.

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