Redirect on Login Pro v4.0.6 - redirect after Joomla authorization
Redirect on Login Pro - this extension allows you to redirect users to the desired page after a successful login to the Joomla! It is also possible to redirect users when entering, registering and logging out, as well as setting up redirection for each user group. Setting access level for groups. Redirect on Login is easy to configure and understandable even for new Joomla users.

JomDirectory v3.1.0 - directory extension for Joomla

Create your own catalog / directory quickly and easily! Enhance the usability of your business directory with the most versatile JomDirectory extension that seamlessly integrates with Joomla. The JomDirectory business directory extension gives you the flexibility to create any type of catalog: a business catalog, a product catalog, a movie database, a wedding catalog ... and much more.

Vik Restaurants v1.7.3 - booking component for restaurants on Joomla
Vik Restaurants is an excellent reservation system for a restaurant website, pizzerias and establishments that sell food. Designed for any type of restaurant, from the simplest to the coolest and coolest. A structured system in two main sections: in the restaurant and takeaway. Create your own menu with food that you can order online takeaway with delivery or airport transfer. Show your room, compose and customize the menu and draw tables. Take your reservation online and guarantee your customers and yourself the exact management of your tables on any shift. The program is fully customizable so that your customers choose a room / zone or table. There is also a function to hide the choice of room / room or table.

Balbooa Gridbox PRO v2.8.2 - page builder Joomla
Joomla Website Builder Gridbox PRO is the platform for creating the Revolution Drag-Drop website for Joomla CMS. With Joomla Website Builder Gridbox, you can quickly and easily create modern and beautiful Joomla websites without touching a line of code, thanks to the powerful and friendly Drag and Drop Live Editor manager. Balbooa Joomla Website Builder Gridbox is the best solution. If you want to create a modern and beautiful Joomla website, then the Gridbox extension will be a great solution.

Balbooa Gallery Pro (6gallery) v2.3.0 - gallery for Joomla
Balboa Gallery Pro (6gallery) - the next release of a simple and popular image gallery for sites based on Joomla 3.x. Using this extension, attractive multimedia galleries can be implemented directly through an advanced and simple user interface (you can post photos and videos). It is possible to customize any grid, set a lot of animation effects and display everything in Joomla modules or inside materials. For quick generation, six layout models are already installed in the component. You can configure a smooth boot.

JoomPush v1.3.9 - Push Notifications on Joomla
JoomPush is a powerful push notification tool for Joomla. You can send push notifications to all users who subscribe to it. Keep your subscribers up to date by sending them direct updates in their browsers on PC and mobile devices.

Admin Menu Manager Pro v2.3.1 - Joomla admin menu manager
Admin Menu Manager Pro - this component will be able to completely replace the admin menu on the Joomla website. This option is more convenient, functional, and also very easy to manage and add new elements there. Custom Joomla admin menu can be designed at your discretion, using all its strengths. Of course, we can’t but mention that the free version is a bit more limited than the paid one, however, those features that are provided by the developer are enough for convenient use on the site. Now we’ll take a closer look at what this menu manager is really capable of.

Ignite Gallery v4.1 - gallery for Joomla
IgniteGallery is a powerful gallery component for Joomla CMS! Built-in ratings, comments, and more. You can create an unlimited number of gallery categories, upload and modify images directly through the CMS Joomla admin interface, watermark images, manage ratings and comments, and much more. Gallery Ignite Gallery is very easy to configure and manage, which is important when creating a site on CMS Joomla.

Monthly Archive Pro 4.4.6 - archive component for Joomla
Monthly Archive Pro is a component that provides a list of Joomla or K2 content, divided into months and years. It is equipped with many functions and parameters, improves user navigation and works as a search tool. It is great for blogs, news portals, journalists, authors, presenters and any other content-based site.

SP Movie Database v1.5 - component of movie reviews for Joomla
SP Movie Database - a component for creating a database of movie reviews, reviews, movies and other areas. Create your own movie review website similar to the popular IMDb, Rolling Stone, MetaCritic or Rotten Tomatoes. This extension was created for a template called Moview. Use this extension "SP Movie Database" you can even go further by creating databases for movie films, television shows, animations, games, video ads, audio books or other entertainment centers - in less than a few minutes. Now all this is possible. You can create and manage online information databases with related types of media, including actors, directors and reviews, for example. If you have an affiliate system or an already installed e-commerce solution, you can easily add purchases to your URL, each of the presented video items.

DJ-MediaTools v2.13 - component video and images for Joomla
DJ-MediaTools is an extension for Joomla CMS that allows you to create any photo and video albums with a diverse style and a large number of animation effects. With it, you will not only create galleries, but also be able to insert them into articles, make slide shows and show elements of many popular components, like Virtuemart, K2 and others.

EDocman v1.12.1 - Joomla download manager
EDocman is the leading extension for the file and file download manager for Joomla. By creating the Joomla Access Control Level System (ACL), Edocman provides you with a very powerful flexible permission system that you can use to control who can access, download, manage (edit, delete, publish and publish your documents from both Front- end and back-end of Joomla!

Affiliate Tracker v2.1.7 - an affiliate program component for Joomla
Affiliate Tracker is a great tool to create a complete affiliate program for Joomla! Create an affiliate marketing area on your site compatible with VirtueMart, PayPlans, HikaShop, K2Store, Emerald, OS Membership Pro, AkeebaSubs ... Track sales, user registration, conversions, referrals and rewards to your partner partners. Track how much traffic and profit your ads bring to your site, and monitor all your incoming visitors from affiliate links.

My ShortList v1.9.861 - Bookmark List for Joomla
My ShortList is a highly intelligent and very fast extension, designed to allow your visitors to create lists of favorite bookmarks and links, with the ability to quickly access them. My ShortList is ideal for posting on websites offering a large number of products of various subjects, sets of various articles, advertisements, events or newsletters or lists of your favorite programs, as on the mob-corp portal, from which the visitor would like to make his list of preferences .

JLex Review v4.2.4 - component reviews for Joomla
JLex Review is a powerful rating system for rating organizations on the community site, help services, customer support systems, which is compatible with almost all popular Joomla extensions! JLex Review has built-in powerful anti-spam protection and a distributed rights management system, which allows the site owner to control reviews, ratings and comments on Joomla.

Contact Enhanced Pro v3.9.3 - contacts for Joomla

A powerful component for creating a contact form on a site with CMS Joomla. The Contact Enhanced component has the ability to send / receive e-mail in HTML, the ability to create additional fields, the ability to create radio buttons, checkboxes and data send buttons. In addition, using the component, you can display the file download field, a drop-down form with a choice of options and the ability to select / set the date. The component also has a built-in anti-spam system (Captcha), the ability to integrate maps using Google Maps, and integration with AcyMailing and MailChimp components and mailing services. The Contact Enhanced contact form can also be embedded in the article using an additional plug-in (it is installed automatically with the component).

Expense Manager PRO v4.0.0 - component of the finance manager Joomla
Expense Manager PRO is a component for managing and tracking expenses on Joomla! Keep track of your personal or business finances and expenses, income, and budget. Unlimited accounts and categories supported by AJAX to provide better user experience.

JSN ImageShow PRO v5.0.12 - image gallery for Joomla
JSN ImageShow PRO is a Joomla extension for creating beautiful photo galleries! JSN ImageShow content management system for developers, photographers and publishers. You can choose to display images from various sources, such as the local image folder, Joomla or galleries: Phoca Gallery, JoomGallery, RS Gallery ... and online galleries like Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Instagram ... The customized gallery can then be published in any part of the website including: in the article, at the top of the site and the position of the modules. 6 built-in display styles

Engage Box v3.5.0 - Pop-ups for Joomla
EngageBox - a new version of the best extension Joomla build any pop-ups on the pages of the site, which can significantly increase the number of subscribers. This package (plugin and component) makes it easy to implement any type of blocks (modal windows, slides, sliders, side panels). From the functionality, we can note support for Exit-Intent technology (detecting behavior and block output on exit), a segmented mailing list, loading Joomla modules into blocks, and support for more than 60 effects.

Joomla Progressive Web Application (PWA) v1.0
Joomla Progressive Web Application (PWA) is another important thing and one of the most talked about technological innovations in web development that bring users a feeling like a mobile application without having to install the application from the application store / game store. It uses web compatibility and provides users with applications. Thus, simply by installing and configuring the component, the administrator can launch the Progressive Web Application.

Emerald v10.107 - paid access component for Joomla

Using the component, you can arrange payment for access to a separate place on the site through any payment system. The extension offers a choice of payment methods between integrated tools and third-party services. The MintJoomla Emerald component will be most effective precisely in the case of working with external services, as they provide unlimited payment options for customers and have a familiar interface. Version: 10.107
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