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    My Maps Locations v4.1.6 - Google Maps for Joomla
    My Maps location - component and Joomla module for inserting Google maps on a site with the ability to add your locations with a description. You can create pages that search for locations by address, title, category, zip code, and tags (Joomla tags). You can use maps from such providers: Google, Bing, Mapbox, Mapquest, Mapillary, Open Street Map. Three layouts of the search page for locations (objects on the map) and 10 themes (maps) design are available. The extension includes several modules: a search module, a map display module in Joomla and several modules for displaying objects from other extensions (standard materials manager Joomla, DJ-Classifieds, K2, Hikashop, Community Builder and others). It supports geolocation, route building, multilingualism and many other functions that make the component very versatile. A location or object is a marker on the map. What you or your users add to the card.
    OS Events Booking v3.8.5 - Joomla booking component
    A new version of the component has become available.
    OS Events Booking which helps to create announcements of various events on your Joomla website and sell tickets for them. Supports 40+ foreign payment gateways. Built-in adaptive calendar, flexible registration form, powerful email notification system, integration with Google maps.
    J! WHMCS Integrator v2.6.22 - Joomla and WHMCS integration
    J! WHMCS Integrator allows you to manage and integrate your hosting control panel into a Joomla website. Customize the template and add the extension. All changes on the site will be reflected in the hosting panel. Thanks to this extension, your WHMCS customers and Joomla users use a single account. They log in to any system using their username and password and manage their data. All data instantly changes in two places at once. Login to the account is carried out either by username or using the email provided during registration.
    JTicketing v2.3.4 - продажа билетов на мероприятия Joomla
    JTicketing - функциональная система бронирования событий с собственным менеджером событий и интеграцией для Jomsocial Events и JEvents. Разве не было бы замечательно, если бы вы могли позволить пользователям продавать билеты на вашем сайте, и вы получаете хорошую комиссию за каждую продажу? Запустите свою собственную систему по продаже билетов онлайн на вашем собственном сайте Joomla.
    Easy Timetable Extended v1.8.3 - schedule component for Joomla
    Easy Timetable Extended allows you to create beautiful high-speed schedules thanks to the convenient Drag and Drop interface. Ideal for weekly recurring events or schedules for multi-day one-time events. Easily customizable for Joomla! This is an easy-to-use schedule management system for Joomla with a quick and easy to use interface.
    YooTheme Pro v1.18.14 - Joomla Visual Designer
    YooTheme Pro is a visual site builder running Joomla!
    YooTheme Pro is used for all new themes from template maker YOOtheme. The designer allows you to customize the theme style, create page layouts and change various parameters and settings. All templates created using
    YOOtheme Pro , based on the UIkit interface, and now you can use YooTheme Pro to create your own custom template. YooTheme Pro will be an indispensable add-on for web developers and is the starting point for all the sought-after tools that will save you time ...
    RSForm! PRO v2.1.2 - Create Custom Joomla Forms
    Introducing the new release of the indispensable Joomla tool for generating any type of form
    RSForm! PRO Among the features, one can single out support for multilingualism, generating forms with conditional fields, setting up sending letters, conveniently creating calculation forms, outputting to Joomla modules and connecting many popular integrations, working with CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA and the presence of a pop-up calendar with time selection. In the new version, you can display a character counter for Textarea and set the maximum size, fixed the Google Maps field when working with Bootstrap 4, and added highlighting using CodeMirror.
    iJoomla Guru Pro v5.1.17 - online learning component for Joomla
    iJoomla Guru Pro is the best LMS component of Joomla! to create an online courses website and earn money while you sleep! Using component
    iJoomla Guru Pro you can easily make your online school with classes and courses. There is the possibility of creating various quizzes. In the component, you can create your own media library in which you can place various media files. The huge capabilities of the component also allow creating interactive quizzes in which both students and teachers can take.
    JA Megafilter v1.1.8 - advanced filter for Joomla
    JA Megafilter is a powerful and flexible search and filtering system for your Joomla site. Support for multiple filter settings for your Joomla site. The extension supports components Hikashop, K2, E-Shop, Virtuemart, JoomShopping. An intuitive configuration panel helps you easily manage the filter; you can enable or disable any filter field. JA Megafilter includes base field filters such as name, tags, category, price, manufacturer, brand, etc., as well as a custom filter such as color or size. For Hollywood, it also supports author fields and categories separate from tags.
    VirtueMart Custom Size v1.16.0 - size selection for VirtueMart
    Allow your client to adjust the height of his table, the length of his bench, the size of their carpet. Now you can sell goods of a certain size, taking into account the needs of the client: carpets, floor coverings, wood, metal, garden furniture, windows, virtually any product that includes cut-off goods sold by size, length, width, height, surface, usage list for plugin
    VirtueMart Custom Size is endless.
    AcyMailing Enterprise v6.1.2 - Mailing Lists for Joomla
    AcyMailing Enterprise - a component update has been made available for Joomla, which corrects previously reported errors, improved functionality and compatibility with the GDPR law. The component allows you to maintain real contact with your contacts through e-mail marketing, newsletters, answering machines, marketing companies and so on.
    Akeeba Backup PRO v6.4.1 - backup sites on Joomla
    Akeeba Backup PRO , formerly known as JoomlaPack, is a multi-functional component that allows you to back up Joomla (files and databases). This extension has a large number of settings and will allow you to archive entire sites or their individual parts (selected files, folders, database tables, and so on). This can be done even if your hosting provider does not provide archiving capabilities or these capabilities do not fully suit you.
    JooDatabase Pro v3.9.2 - Joomla Database Management
    JooDatabase Pro is an easy and fast way to include and display external tables (collections, databases) in Joomla. Automatically generates pages containing data tables using editable templates to view the catalog and one entry. Special elements such as printing, icons and page numbers, links are displayed in the right place in the template. JooDatabase handles links routing between pages automatically. The search plugin provides search in databases using the Joomla SiteSearch component.
    Cobalt Everything v8.762 - CCK Content Designer for Joomla
    Among webmasters, CCK components are popular because they allow you to create multifunctional sites without using other extensions. And one of the best designers for building content is a complete package.
    Cobalt 8 . With this CCK extension, you can organize a convenient file manager, beautiful galleries, blogs, a forum, a message board, an online store and many other types of web resources. Moreover, working with Cobalt 8 is simple, it allows you to build a website in bricks, which ultimately leads to a strong wall of the Internet project.
    SP Page Builder Pro v3.4.5 - Joomla Page Designer
    SP Page Builder Pro is a global update to the Joomla component for creating pages. This page / content designer is run by Joomla and has a variety of features for creating the most complex sites. This page builder provides a truly new set of tools for creating and managing a site that takes into account the importance of both search engine optimization (CEO) and promotion through social platforms (SMM).
    Sp Page Builder Pro v3.4.4 - визуальный конструктор страниц для Joomla
    Лучший конструктор страниц с интерфейсом drag & drop для Joomla Уже более 400 тысяч человек по всему миру пользуются SP Page Builder. Отличительной чертой этого конструктора страниц для Joomla является наличие поистине мощного инструмента drag & drop, который позволит создать свой сайт
    Maximenu CK v8.2.19 - adaptive dropdown menu for Joomla
    The Maximenu CK module is a modern unique product for implementing a multifunctional menu in the Joomla 3.x system. Now it’s not a problem in a matter of minutes to get a menu with non-trivial effects, with drop-down columns and rows inside your resource. The developer has provided
    Convert Forms Pro v2.2.0 - constructor of subscription forms for Joomla
    Convert Forms allows you to create beautiful and optimized forms without knowledge of programming languages ​​for Joomla 3.x. It has a wide variety of fields for creating a variety of forms, ready-made, responsive and elegant patterns. Subscription takes place in the background. No reboot. User
    Commedia v4.3.4 Rus - multimedia component for Joomla
    Commedia is a component for Joomla 3.x. that allows you to create a list of media content that contains all the audio (mp3, M4a, WAV), or video (MP4, M4V, FLV) that are present in any specified directory of your site, FTP -server (folder, or path to a single FTP file) or HTTP (S) server
    My Maps location v4.1.6 - map display component for Joomla
    My Maps location - map display component for Joomla 2.5-3.x. It is integrated with maps from Google and Bing, and is also compatible with some popular components for Joomla, such as K2, JomSocial or Community Builder, for example. Thanks to the expansion of My maps location, a lot can be noted right away
    Google Structured Data Markup 4.0.8 PRO - markup for Google on Joomla
    Google Structured Data Markup is a plugin for Joomla 3.x that allows you to receive structured data without requiring them to know Schema or write code. Structured data allows the search engine to correctly identify the data on your site so that in the search results
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