DJ-CookieMonster v1.7.1 - notification of cookies in Joomla
    DJ-CookieMonster is a Joomla plugin that allows you to display a message that cookies are used on the site. The plugin has several topics for writing a message, you can choose the position of its display and add a link to a page with more detailed information about this issue or privacy policy.
    Add to Menu PRO v6.1.6 - Quickly Add Joomla Menus
    Add to Menu PRO adds a quick link to the Joomla admin panel to quickly add editable articles or pages to the menu item.
    Quick Index PRO v1.1.0 - table of contents in Joomla

    With Quick Index PRO, you can easily add an index (table of contents) to your content. The index will be created based on the headers in your content. Just put {index} where you want the index to show.
    ConverseKit v1.1.5 - chat plugin for Joomla
    ConverseKit is a great chat plugin for your Joomla site that enhances user experience using the popular EasySocial and ConverseKit extensions. The ConverseKit extension adds a chat icon to communicate on all pages of your site. The design of the chat is made beautiful and adaptive, the functionality of the expansion of the chat will surprise you. Adding chat to your site has never been easier ...
    VP One Page Checkout v6.5.1 NULLED - One-Page Order of VirtueMart 3
    VP One Page Checkout is a popular responsive AJAX Joomla plugin for organizing a convenient one-page order in the basket of a component of the VirtueMart 3 online store and VirtueMart 2.6. Supports most templates and frameworks. The basket is updated in real time (checking mail, name, registration). The plugin is easy to configure, has two built-in styles, the ability to disable the billing address, an additional modular position in the basket, and the connection of payment systems. The new version has the ability to select a supplier, improved security features, etc.
    AP Smart LayerSlider v3.6 - Joomla slider plugin
    AP Smart LayerSlider is an excellent, fully responsive and touch module for Joomla, which allows you to create professional multifunctional sliders with smooth hardware acceleration of transitions. This slider was built with user experience in mind, providing a clean and intuitive administration user interface and smooth navigation for end users.
    Direct Alias ​​Pro v2.0.0 - beautiful links in Joomla
    Direct Alias ​​Pro - a plugin for Joomla that allows you to manage menu aliases and makes short links without aliases of parent menu items. Removes ID from links to materials, categories and tags. Joomla links are not reliable enough and there is no way to create beautiful urls. The component creates beautiful links for links to menu items that you specify in the settings.
    GDPR v1.7.3 - plug-in for the processing of personal data Joomla
    GDPR is an important tool that helps ensure that your website complies with EU GDPR (General Data Protection Rule). Modification of GDPR for Joomla displays a pop-up window with a list of data that is being collected.
    Conditional Content Pro v2.5.0 - Joomla Content Access Control
    Conditional Content Pro is a new version of a convenient plugin that can restrict or provide access to parts of content based on a large number of different selection conditions (depending on device type, geography, date ranges, user groups, menu items and languages). To set the conditions, you just need to place the content in special tags.
    Articles Field PRO v2.0.2 - linking articles in Joomla
    Articles Field PRO is a custom plugin for Joomla that greatly extends the capabilities of custom fields. Using the Articles Field plugin, you can create links between articles. In the built-in list of fields, values ​​are processed only as plain text and cannot be associated with any other content. Articles Field is a custom Joomla field that allows you to select from a list of articles (based on selected filters), allowing you to directly link articles to each other. The result displayed in the article is a list of the titles of the selected articles, which can be linked to hyperlinks to the relevant articles and even displayed together with the value of another custom field. You can determine which articles appear in the custom field selection list, optionally filtering it by category. The Pro version also allows you to filter the list of articles by tags, users, and other custom field values.
    Articles Anywhere PRO v9.1.1 - Post Articles anywhere in Joomla
    Articles Anywhere PRO is a wonderful Joomla plugin that allows you to quickly post an article almost anywhere on the website. Thanks to this extension, the user has the opportunity to implement the most innovative solutions. You can post an article using Articles Anywhere using its name, alias or module ID. It is possible to display the entire text in full, an introduction to the material or its description. You can also configure the output of a certain number of familiarity. The Regular Labs Articles Anywhere plugin is equipped with a quick editing feature that makes adding meta data quick and easy.
    Improved AJAX Login & Register v2.7.308 - authorization plugin for Joomla
    Improved AJAX Login & Register is a very elegant module, it speeds up the procedures for entering, logging out and registering on the site using Ajax technology. This process has never been so simple and easy, and of course, there is a neat and sleek design.
    Social Backlinks v2.2.14 - Cross-Hosting for Joomla
    Social Backlinks - automatically publishes your Joomla, K2, ZOO, Hikashop, RedShop, Virtuemart materials in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Vkontakte.
    Vertical Menu v4.0.270 - menu module for Joomla
    Vertical Menu - is a convenient, fully customizable, multi-purpose menu module for Joomla. It easily installs on all templates and looks amazing on any device, the Vertical Menu module will provide maximum performance and beauty of the menu with the perfect combination of well-optimized code and the latest technologies. It will be SEO friendly because it uses the correct HTML code, which allows search engines to correctly index the content of your menu. The vertical menu has an attractive and easy to use admin interface with intuitive features like fully customizable themes, predefined color schemes, Google fonts, and a beautiful animation effect. This Menu works by supporting adaptive mode, multiple layouts, and the ability to control gesture menus on mobile devices.
    SecurityCheck Pro v3.1.8 - site protection on Joomla
    SecurityCheck Pro is a unique plugin for CMS Joomla, which includes all the main ways to protect the site. You do not have to download dozens of different plugins, in order to ensure proper protection of your files, content and clients, all modern protection methods are already included in SecurityCheck Pro.
    Sourcerer PRO v8.2.0 - plugin for inserting Joomla codes

    The Sourcerer PRO plugin is a Joomla add-on that makes it possible to insert code of any kind (javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP) directly into the content of the site. The extension can work not only with articles, but also with components, modules, sections, categories, tags. Sourcerer is very easy to use and opens up a ton of possibilities.
    JCH Optimize PRO v5.4.3 - Joomla Acceleration
    JCH Optimize PRO is one of the most popular plugins to speed up Joomla latest versions. Compresses and combines .css and .js files, as well as some types of images, turning them into fast-loading sprites. The full version also provides asynchronous loading of java scripts and additional features to compress and speed up page loading. Off. website: https://www.jch-optimize.net/
    Cache Cleaner PRO v7.1.0 - clearing Joomla cache
    Cache Cleaner PRO is a new version of the popular plugin for quick cleaning of the entire cache with one click in the admin panel. You get a quick link in the upper right corner of Joomla.
    Google Structured Data v4.3.1 PRO - markup for Google on Joomla
    Google Structured Data PRO is a powerful snippet tool for Google. The new version has improved standard functions and fixed previously known errors.
    OS Membership v2.16.1 Pro - a subscription and membership component for Joomla
    OS Membership is a powerful and easy-to-use subscription and membership component for Joomla site, which allows you to create and sell subscription plans, subscribe site members to these plans and provide them with access to private resources on your Joomla 2.5-3.x site.
    Quix Pagebuilder Pro v2.4.4 - Content Designer for Joomla
    Quix Pagebuilder is the very first and best of its kind site builder for Joomla 3.x. Thanks to Quix Pagebuilder, you can create sites of any complexity using only drag and drop necessary page elements. You can easily create a responsive design for your site and
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