Joomlashack Vintage v4.2.15 - blog template for Joomla
    Retro styled pattern.
    Joomlashack Vintage will be an excellent resource with a selection of old photographs and content about once produced goods, passing fairs and meetings, popular products. A cognitive excursion into the past guarantees the interest of both regular visitors and guests of the site. An original selection of articles and the use of high-quality thematic photographs will contribute to developing a database of regular readers of the community.
    JA Healthcare v1.0.5 - medical template for Joomla
    The JA Healthcare template for Joomla 3.x looks stylish and attractive. A resource based on it will turn out to be not only very beautiful, but also convenient. The layout adheres to an excellent balance between simplicity and informational content. Such a site will advantageously differ from the rest. A modern
    Joomlashack Tripod v2.2.16 - photo gallery template for Joomla
    Joomlashack Tripod is designed for photographers, photo studios and advertising agencies. Its design is simply amazing. The main page opens with a huge slider showing photos one at a time. Against the background of the photo - menu of icons, when pressed, the page gradually descends to the selected section. A site dressed in this template looks simply gorgeous. All the basic information can be obtained by sliding along the main, however, brief announcements are easily disclosed in detail on separate pages.
    Joomlashack Wylia v2.1.16 - template for the Joomla fashion news site
    Joomlashack Wylia is a stylish, modern and attractive template for Joomla. With it, you can create an excellent news site or organize an article platform. Five large photos with hidden text are symmetrically placed under the horizontal main menu, which can be viewed by clicking on the icon in the corner of the picture. Further, from top to bottom, the blocks are “Latest News” and “Most Popular News”. Also on the main page there was a place for announcements of articles, interviews, promotional offers. In general, this is a very multi-functional template for a really high-quality resource.
    Joomlashack Alasse v2.1.17 - game template Joomla
    Joomlashack Alasse is a game template with a clean and professional design from JoomlaShack Studio. The powerful functionality that is incorporated in this product makes it an ideal tool for creating modern sites or online stores. Compatibility with popular versions of CMS Joomla will allow you to install this template on an existing site without first updating the “engine” itself.
    Joomlashack Flow v1.2.5 - landing template for Joomla
    Flow is a Joomla template that allows you to create highly effective landing pages. Flow is a template for Joomla landing pages. Flow is designed with a simple and clean approach. With clear areas throughout the template, Flow is ideal for promoting products and services. Flow is built on the latest version of the Wright framework, and comes with two commercial extensions: Easy Social Icons and Shack Slides. Flow is also integrated with jInbound, the best extension to Joomla automation.
    GK Infinity v1.0.0 - Joomla business template
    GK Infinity is a new Joomla template designed for companies, agencies, companies and business websites with creative design and beautiful additional pages: presenting business information, services, portfolio and company profile. The business template also supports all Joomla pages.
    JS Estate v1.0 - real estate site template for Joomla
    JS Estate is a complete and turnkey solution for any type of real estate and residential rental property. This template can be used for rental housing, rental real estate and rental apartments. Inside Estate you will find an improved SP Property component with agents, properties, advanced search filters, and request request parameters. You can create a website for a real estate business in the shortest possible time using this universal Joomla template. Estate comes with 4 unique homepage layouts. All pages are quick to set up and easy to set up. You can easily change elements such as texts, images, backgrounds, icons, layouts, colors and fonts to enhance the appeal of your site. The QuickStart pack template contains SP Page Builder Pro 3. Build your own web pages using the advanced drag and drop page editing system.
    Joomlashack Novitas v2.1.16 - news template for Joomla
    Joomlashack Novitas - will create a solid news site with a good design. The horizontal menu is located at the very top of the page, under it, without violating the architecture, there is a list of popular headings or articles with thumbnails. Right under the name of the site is a large monoslider that will attract attention to current news. The article from the main page is not disclosed separately, but under this slider, surrounded by other announcements, which contributes to the high clickability of the main page. The user has the opportunity to recommend the material to his friends on Google + and on Twitter. Novitas is a quality template for productive work.
    Joomlashack Breezy v3.1.16 - a template on the theme of donations for Joomla
    Joomlashack Breezy is a Joomla template for community, non-profit, and religious organizations. Breezy is a bright, versatile and easy to use template. Breezy is loaded with features and has several color styles. The Breezy Joomla template comes with 3 color styles to suit your design. Choose between green, blue and red. Breezy supports 17 modules, making it very customizable.
    Joomlashack Civic v2.1.14 - Joomla car template
    Joomlashack Civic is designed for solid corporate sites. The template uses Full Screen Video Slideshow, which has the ability to display both video material and images - as you please! Civic was built using the Wright 3 Framework, which provides it with a good responsive layout and allows you to edit other template settings directly from the admin panel.
    Joomlashack Optimus v4.2.15 - business template for Joomla
    Joomlashack Optimus is the perfect template for small businesses and Joomla organizations. Joomlashack Optimus is designed with a simple and clean approach. We spent a lot of time optimizing the layout and usability in Optimus. This template is easy to navigate. Optimus is a great choice for small to medium sized applications.
    Joomlashack ABC v2.1.16 - template for an educational site on Joomla
    Joomlashack ABC - light, light and extremely versatile. The template is provided in six different color schemes and is based on the Wright Framework v3 library. The updated version of this powerful and multifunctional library is 60% lighter than the previous version v2, which has a good effect on SEO. It is also worth noting that the ABC template has a responsive design based on Twitter Bootstrap and is designed for Joomla. It can be used to create an educational resource or website of an educational institution. A large monoslider leads the classically rigorous three-column pattern. Categories of the main menu are presented in more detail in the side menu on the left, the right column offers announcements of the latest articles posted. The user has the opportunity to share the most interesting information in their favorite social networks.
    Joomlashack Onyx v3.2.21 - universal Joomla template
    Joomlashack Onyx - Lovely Joomla! template from the studio JoomlaShack, which is ideal for any type of site. The template comes with 8 different color schemes (with black and white variation) and is very well optimized for search engines. Eight colors, allow you to choose the most suitable design, from such combinations: Green - Dark (dark background, green accent), Green - Light (light background, green accent), Blue - Dark (dark background, blue accent), Blue - Light (light background, blue accent), Red - Dark (dark background, red accent), Red - Light (light background, red accent), Orange - Dark (dark background, orange accent), Orange - Light (light background, orange accent )
    Joomlashack Unlimited v2.1.19 - blog template for Joomla
    Joomlashack Unlimited is perfect for creating websites of business structures and blogs. In particular, its design is suitable for creating almost any kind of website for the industry. It supports 15 modular positions as well as 8 color themes. The template is surprisingly flexible, it can be used as an official site for a company for the production of something, or as a portfolio site, or maybe as a site for a typographic publication, there are a lot of different menus, a lot of space for posting information and photos.
    Joomlashack Techie v2.3.2 - Joomla business template
    Joomlashack Techie is a fresh, trendy and extremely sophisticated template for Joomla. Its fashionable design will make it easy for you to adapt the color scheme to your corporate corporate colors. It can easily be adapted for a personal or corporate website. Large social media icons eloquently urging users to share useful content have become a highlight of the template. When pressed, the menu icon is transformed into a separate right side block, where it is expanded into separate categories, each of which, in turn, leads to a separate page. Everything is very simple and extremely clear - a convenient template for a successful site.
    Joomlashack Clementine v1.2.19 - medical template for Joomla
    Joomlashack Clementine is a great Joomla template for medical sites.
    Joomlashack Clementine was created as a template focused on a healthy lifestyle with a bright and airy design. Totally responsive, you don’t have to worry about which platform it will be displayed on. Clementine will convey your ideas cleanly and beautifully. The Clementine Joomla template comes with 8 color styles to suit your design.
    Joomlashack Keenly v1.3.17 - blog template for Joomla
    Joomlashack Keenly is a Joomla template for magazines and writers. Joomlashack Keenly was created to become a blogging template with a distinctive and timeless look. Fully responsive, you don’t need to worry about which platform it will be displayed on: tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop. Keenly Joomla template comes with 6 color styles to suit your design. Choose from fresh, vibrant, beaded, cherry, dreamy and leafy.
    JA Resume v1.0.5 - template for resume or portfolio Joomla
    JA Resume - Joomla template for your resume and portfolio. There are 6 homepage layouts for developers, bloggers, singers, photographers, etc. The layout of the main page is designed as a one-page. The template supports EasyBlog with 2 custom themes and 2 layouts. As a basis
    Joomlashack Community v4.2.17 - social template for Joomla
    Joomlashack Community is an excellent option for creating a public network for the exchange of useful information, educational data. For example, it can be used for the student, school or lyceum community. Not only students, but teachers and parents will be able to communicate on such a resource, which is especially important for control by the older generation. News articles about events, events, contests will help in time to submit an application and prepare.
    Ufolio v1.4 - multifunctional portfolio template for Joomla
    Ufolio is a flexible Joomla 3.x template designed to create a portfolio of pages and any type of business, like landing pages, corporate, agencies, business and much more. Designed for designers, developers, photographers, artists, tailors, etc. It also has powerful smart
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