YITH WooCommerce Customer History Premium v1.1.13

Check the behavior of your customers when they visit e-commerce, the products they view, and the products that interest them most. Information: https://yithemes.com/themes/plugins/yith-wo...stomer-history/ Gather specific information about the pages your customers have visited and increase the likelihood that they will make another purchase. Figures are very important in business! That is why in every major store you will find professionals studying all kinds of data. Their goal is to find working solutions aimed at optimizing total income. Nearly 100% of e-commerce stores use analytics to understand customer behavior, but none of these tools benefit, none of these tools analyze data from John Doe, your best customer. And you need to know what John Doe is doing, not just the customers who just stumbled upon your site. Want to know what Mr. John Doe is doing while browsing the pages of his store? You will be surprised to learn that he looks at a very specific product several times without buying it. Of course, it would be easy to contact him, offering him a targeted discount. A special offer for a specific product will almost immediately turn into a new purchase. So, here is your case, we just developed the YITH WooCommerce Customer History, a plugin that allows you to see which pages each of your customers actually visits while browsing your store. This plugin also allows you to track their average purchase price and recent purchases that they made using a convenient customer schedule. Work safely and confidently with the market and simply and painstakingly increase the average cost of each client.

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