Polylang for WooCommerce v1.3 - Multilingual WooCommerce Store

    Polylang for WooCommerce allows you to combine the capabilities of two popular WordPress plugins to create a multilingual store.

    Events Calendar PRO v5.0.0 - Event Calendar for Wordpress

    Sites of various purposes may need a calendar on the main page, where any visitor can find out the dates before the start of an event. For example, for an online store this may be the beginning or end of a sale promotion, for a multimedia site - the appearance of some expected content, or information that will become available for download. For a blog, this can be a countdown or the exact date a new post appeared. For any of these purposes, The Events Calendar Pro is suitable. Using the plugin you can create your own events (not one, but several for a day, a week, a month, and the like).

    WPShapere v6.1.2 NULLED - Wordpress admin panel template

    WPShapere is a WordPress plugin and a powerful tool for customizing your WordPress admin panel. With WPShapere you have the opportunity to offer your customers a new control panel with your brand.

    Blackhole Pro v2.4 NULLED - WordPress Bot Protection

    Protects your site from bad bots by trapping them.

    BBQ Pro v2.6 NULLED - WordPress Protection Plugin

    The fastest WordPress firewall plugin. Advanced protection against malicious requests.


    NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster (SNAP) может публиковать красиво отформатированные сообщения в ваших учетных записях в социальных сетях. Вы можете охватить наибольшую аудиторию и автоматически рассылать всем своим друзьям, читателям и подписчикам о своем новом посте. Плагин работает с профилями, бизнес-страницами, страницами сообщества, группами и т. д.

    Офф. сайт: http://www.nextscripts.com/
    Share-one-Drive v1.11.3 NULLED - OneDrive and WordPress Integration
    Share-one-Drive | OneDrive plugin for WordPress This is a convenient, customizable, innovative OneDrive plugin for WordPress that perfectly displays your OneDrive or OneDrive Business (Sharepoint) files. No programming skills required!
    Out-of-the-Box v1.16.4 NULLED - Dropbox integration with WordPress
    Out-of-the-box | Dropbox plugin for WordPress This is a convenient, customizable, innovative Dropbox integration plugin with WordPress that beautifully displays your Dropbox files. No coding skills required! Outofthebox is the best Dropbox plugin for WordPress.
    Use-your-Drive v1.14.5 NULLED - Google Drive plugin for WordPress
    Use-your-Drive | Google Drive plugin for WordPress This is a convenient, customizable, innovative Google Drive integration plugin for WordPress that beautifully displays your files in Google Drive.
    WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery v1.0.5.2 - Recovering an Abandoned Recycle Bin
    WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery This is a WooCommerce extension that helps you restore an unfinished order to your store. When the customer adds the product to the basket, but does not complete the checkout.
    WP AMP v9.3.4 - Mobile Page Acceleration for WordPress

    WP AMP is a WordPress plugin that adds support for accelerated mobile pages (AMP). With this plugin, it only takes a few clicks to make your site mobile. AMP HTML is Google’s open source initiative that aims to provide mobile-optimized content that can be downloaded instantly everywhere.

    The Grid v2.7.4 NULLED - Posts by WordPress Grid
    A WordPress plugin that allows you to show any type of post in a fully customizable and responsive grid system. It is ideal for displaying your blog, portfolio, e-commerce or any kind of WordPress posts. The plugin supports the following recording formats: standard, video, audio, gallery, links, quotes.
    The Grid - Responsive WordPress Grid Plugin
    WooCommerce Page Builder v3.3.8.4

    WooCommerce Page Builder is the perfect complement to the WPBakery Page Builder product page builder and more for WooCommerce and more. This plugin provides a complete set of easy-to-use WooCommerce shortcodes.

    WooCommerce Page Builder For Elementor v1.1.4.4 - WooCommerce Product Designer for Elementor

    WooCommerce Page Builder is the perfect complement to Elementor for convenient layout of WooCommerce products and much more. This plugin provides a complete set of easy-to-use WooCommerce shortcodes.

    WP Smush Pro v3.4.1 - Wordpress Image Compression

    WP Smush Pro allows you to maximize image compression through WordPress Manager. The plugin offers: compress images by removing metadata from files with the Jpeg extension; due to optimization of data compression in the file; turning Gif files into indexed PNGs; size saving is also achieved by stripping unused colors from indexed images. A simple but effective way to compress images will be relevant for any site. Due to this, space is saved, the site can work with a much lower load, especially in cases where it stores a huge number of images. This will be relevant in cases where you need to place a lot of images, but without losing their quality, as well as preserving the original size.

    Real Estate Pro v1.5.8 - WordPress Real Estate Plugin
    Real Estate Pro - WordPress Plugin A fully responsive real estate plugin for WP. PayPal payment support, SEO friendly, support for WPBakery page builder, MAILCHIMP integration, subscriptions, WPML compatible and 13 available languages ​​out of the box and many other features.
    WPfomify v2.1.0 - Increase Conversion in the WordPress Store
    WPfomify - Social Proof and FOMO Marketing Plugin for WordPress This plugin increases the conversion rate on your sites by displaying the latest interactions, sales and subscriptions.
    Directory Pro v1.8.2 - WordPress Directory Plugin

    With Directory Pro, you can use any woocommerce payment gateway, including a woocommerce subscription. Payment gateway; Mailchimp for storing email for new registrants; WPML Built-in visual composer; Catalog / listing; 7 Price tables; 2 registration styles; Coupon for registration; Creating a user role through the package; Redefinition of templates; Page Redirection

    WooCommerce Deposits v2.5.13 - plug-in advance payments for goods WooCommerce

    Give your customers the opportunity to place a deposit or use a payment plan with the WooCommerce Deposits plugin. Thanks to this plugin, your customers can make a deposit or use a payment plan for the products that you specify. WooCommerce Deposits is a reliable and highly customizable tool that allows you and your customers to create their own payment and payment plans, with variable percentages and intervals.

    WordPress Licensing System Basic v3.0.4 NULLED

    A powerful but intuitive licensing system designed for plugins and creators of Wordpress themes or any project that needs to protect and control its most valuable assets.

    Piotnet Addons For Elementor Pro v5.16.1 NULLED - add-on for Elementor

    Piotnet Addons For Elementor Pro are plugins that extend the functionality of the Elementor page builder and add many new features. List of functions: absolute positioning, display of the built-in block, gradient button, text gradient, section link, maximum width, adaptive border width, adaptive background image, background position, column width, parallax Background for each element, several background images, carousel, several custom URLs and more.

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