Norsani v2.0 - WordPress Food Ordering System

    Norsani is a powerful WooCommerce plugin that helps you create a fully functional food ordering website in any country and city. All the tools and features needed to open a food ordering website from several suppliers are here. Sellers who offer cooked or raw food, such as home cooks, restaurants, grocery trucks, can register and sell their goods, each of which has its own control panel that allows you to completely control, manage and control your online business.

    Interlinks Manager v1.18 - Linking for WordPress

    Interlinks Manager v1.18 - plugin for automatic linking of the site and calculation of page weight. Very convenient and thoughtful functionality.

    PullOut Widgets v2.9.4 - Widgets for WordPress
    PullOut Widgets are regular sidebar widgets for WordPress. Unlimited possibilities - text widgets, galleries, videos, feedback forms, search and registration formats, mega menus - any widget can be an output widget! To download a file, click below on the download link between the ad units. If the ad unit is on, I recommend turning it off, it’s safe with us. Also, you can not click on the download link, but replenish the balance with 100 bonuses and you will receive 100 bonuses + 100 bonuses as a gift. Also, daily visits to the site you will receive a bonus of +25 ru to your Balance. Also, guests have a limited download speed of 100 kb / s register to download without speed limits!
    Virtual Coin Widgets v2.1.10 - WordPress Cryptocurrency Widgets

    Virtual Coin Widgets v2.1.10 - a plugin that provides 10 cryptocurrency widgets for your WordPress page. Using your own designer it will be easier to create short codes to your taste. All data is automatically updated every minute, you do not need to perform any manual process.

    Actionable Google Analytics v3.3.4 - Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce
    Actionable Google Analytics is a WordPress plugin that transfers detailed data on the operation of the Woocommerce store to Google Analytics and allows you to use reports from the Ecommerce section.
    Gonzales v2.1.2 - WordPress Site Acceleration

    Gonzales WordPress Plugin - WordPress plugin that helps you optimize the loading of conditional resources of the site. The goal of the plugin is to: minimize the amount of resources (CSS / JS) (faster rendering, reduced CPU / GPU usage on the end device); reduce document loading time (minimized TTFB time, reduced processor and RAM usage on the server); Gonzales allows you to load CSS / JS and even plugins depending on which page you visit. This is a simple and easy tool that allows you to get rid of unnecessary CSS and JS files registered by themes and plugins. If you don’t know how to speed up loading a document, try Gonzales .

    IconicWP Attribute Swatches Premium v1.1.2 - WooCommerce Attribute Samples

    Presenting WooCommerce product options as color samples and images is the surest way to improve your customers ’shopping experience. IconicWP Attribute Swatches Premium WooCommerce allows you to display the parameters of your product in the form of color swatches, image swatches, text buttons and radio buttons.

    WPML Multilingual CMS v4.1.4 (+ addons) - plugin for multilingual WordPress sites

    WPML Multilingual CMS is a translation plugin that will be relevant and useful when creating multilingual sites. WPML allows authors to write content in different languages ​​and translate it. The plugin contains advanced translation management features and an interface for professional content translation.

    AccessPress Twitter Feed Pro v1.1.6 - Twitter Widgets for WordPress

    AccessPress Twitter Feed Pro - A WordPress Twitter widget plugin and it will display your feed. It includes the following features: set a caching period, support for multiple Twitter accounts, tweet display configuration options, retrieve the latest tweets from any account, 12 design templates to choose from. AccessPress Twitter Feed Pro is easy to set up, packed with many options and is one of the best looking Twitter-based widgets you can find.

    WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) v4.4.20 - points of sale for WooCommerce

    WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) - this plugin allows you to configure sales in your salon or store using the working Wordpress online store on WooCommerce. In your online store, you can issue addresses of points of sale. And when the customer will make purchases offline, having arrived at your store, you will be able to place orders using the online store, thereby keeping one record in several sales objects and monitoring the availability of goods.

    Easy Digital Download Points and Rewards v2.0.8

    Easy Digital Download Points and Rewards v2.0.8 extension for WordPress 4.6-4.9.x. allows you to reward your customers for purchases and other actions with points that can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

    Demo :
    WooPagination - Pagination for Wordpress / WooCommerce

    WooPagination - Add custom pagination to your website in just a couple of minutes! This is a simple and flexible pagination plugin that provides your users with the best navigation on your WordPress / WooCommerce website. The plugin automatically adds custom pagination to your WordPress blog, search results, archive, category, tags, and WooCommerce product list pages. More than 10 templates are available, and you can easily change their appearance. Totally responsive.

    Woocommerce Products Designer v5.4.7 - Product Designer for WooCommerce

    Woocommerce Products Designer is a powerful WooCommerce product designer. Suitable for almost any product that can be personalized (logos, pictures). You can use this extension as: a Woocommerce T-shirt design designer, online business cards, postcards and other print settings for WordPress and much more.

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