XF2 [8WR] XenMedio 2 (Media) PRO - media portal for XenForo 2
    XF2 [8WR] XenMedio 2 (Media) PRO is a system where users can post videos hosted on several popular media platforms (for example, YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.). They can then tag keywords and users directly below the video, which can help in their search. Automatic search for media data from views. Content tags through keywords and users. Custom search and filtering. Embedding support for local content. Full integration with XenForo content processing system.
    Banner 1.6 - XenForo 2 banner management plugin
    Banner is a XenForo 2 plugin for managing banners. Displays random banners in the title, list of forums, viewing a forum and viewing topics. Addon Banner is designed for stand-alone banners, these banner images are downloaded from your server.
    Admin statistics 1.4 - XenForo 2 admin panel statistics
    Admin statistics - plugin XenForo 2 statistics of the admin control panel.
    Amazon parser all 1.7 - Amazon links in XenForo 2 posts
    Amazon parser all - Adds an Amazon partner identifier to links in messages. The Amazon Analyzer Plugin is used to convert Amazon links immediately after saving a message. Converted links will include your Amazon affiliate ID.
    Affiliate manager 1.5 - XenForo 2 Affiliate Program
    Affiliate manager is a XenForo 2 plugin that adds a partner identifier to the end of URLs. When a participant adds a new message and the message contains links to those domains indicated on the Affiliate manager page, these links will be automatically updated with your partner ID when the message is saved / sent.
    User Mentions Improvements by Xon 2.4.3
    User Mentions Improvements is an advanced XenForo 2 user mentoring system.
    [Banxix] Bump Thread 1.0.5 - “Raise Theme” for XenForo 2
    [Banxix] Bump Thread - a plugin that allows users to "raise topics" to appear in recent posts without an answer. Features: global enable / disable addon; can raise your own topics; may raise other topics; time limit between ups; Permissions for each forum.
    Editor & BB Code Manager 1.2.0 Patch Level 2 - Improved XenForo 2 Editor
    Fully customize the XenForo Froala editor using the Editor Manager plugin . Change the layout of the toolbar, enable and disable BB codes, use a new column of BB code and background color, provide exciting new fonts for your users from your own server or external server. It is all in your hands.
    [DC] Thread Thumbnail - Theme header background for XenForo 2
    [DC] Thread Thumbnail - a plugin for XenForo 2 which allows you to create a background for the topic heading at the top. Pictures are taken from the attached files.
    Advanced Forms 2.0.19 - Advanced Forms for XenForo 2
    Advanced Forms - Advanced forms for XenForo 2 that can be used for almost any type of form that you need!
    [TH] Emojify Pro 1.0.3 - “Emoji Everywhere” XenForo 2
    Emoji language is developing. It is difficult to follow the latest trends on the Internet and apply them to your projects. Emojify Pro saves you from this and makes your conversations interesting. Embrace the modern era of communication with Emojify Pro. Emojify Pro allows your users to communicate using emoticons.
    s9e Media Sites 2.3.6 - pack of BB codes for inserting media content
    s9e Media Sites is a pack of BB codes for inserting media content from popular news publications.
    Tidy Profile 1.0.1 - XenForo 2 Compact User Profile
    In the current XenForo 2, user profile pages seem uncomfortable, especially compared to the rest of UX. This Tidy Profile plugin allows you to save most of the functionality, but in a more accurate manner.
    Report Improvements by Xon 2.2.1 - Improving the XenForo 2 Complaint System
    Report Improvements by Xon - a collection of improvements to the XF 2 complaints and warnings moderation system. During installation, all existing alerts are copied to the new alert change tracking log and linked to the reports. This process occurs as a background task and does not interrupt the work.
    Calendar 4.2 - Calendar for XenForo 2
    Calendar is an integrated calendar system based on information from topics. Each calendar entry refers to the topic in which it was created.
    XenForo Importers 1.2.2 - Importer for XenForo 2
    XenForo Importers - a plugin for importers in XenForo 2 from other engines. The following engines are supported: vBulletin 3 (including blogs), vBulletin 4 (including blogs), vBulletin 5, XenForo 2.
    Password Tools 3.1.2 - XenForo 2 Password Strength
    A plugin that complies with Dan Wheelers password strength assessment principles zxcvbn. It does not weigh password strength by combining uppercase / lowercase letters, special characters and numbers, but by how easy it is to crack them in reality. To increase the security of your user account, you can force them to use passwords of minimum length, minimum security, and even make them exclude certain words from their passwords (for example, the name of your site, the subject that your site refers to, etc.). ,
    Ultimate Content Display 1.0.2 - Display Important XenForo 2 Content
    Ultimate Content Display helps you make some additional changes to display your important content on your forums.
    [DBTech] DragonByte Credits 5.3.0 - XenForo credit system
    [DBTech] DragonByte Credits is a very advanced XenForo loan system that offers advanced features suitable for everyday tasks and important e-commerce solutions.
    Warning Improvements by Xon 2.2.9 - XenForo 2 warning system improvement
    Warning Improvements is a collection of improvements to the standard XenForo 2 warning system.
    User Activity by Xon 2.4.2 - user activity when viewing XenForo 2 content
    User Activity by Xon - displays user activity under the content. Supported content: topics, personal correspondence.
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