Sidebar steam group 1.2.1 - Steam widget for IPS 4
    Sidebar steam group is an integrated sidebar widget that displays information about your Steam group. The widget block has two color options that can be switched from the block settings, so it will match any color scheme of your theme. It also has several switching options to hide / show the description of the group or members of the Steam group.
    ThreadStarter: Movies and Anime 1.0.8 - Movie Database for IPS 4.3
    ThreadStarter: Movies and Anime - this application for IPS Community Suite 4.3 allows users to easily create themes about films and actors and automatically fill them with content. Users can add movies, TV shows, animes, and actors to themes. After attaching the content, which can be easily done using an autocomplete search, the branch will show various information about the selected content above the message. The topic will show the movie poster, actors, trailer, slogan, link to IMDb, rating and much more. Discussed films and actors can be shown in custom widgets that allow you to display random films, recently published, most discussed and much more ... Publishing content can be limited to certain forums.
    ThreadStarter: Steam 1.0.8 - Steam Game Database for IPS
    ThreadStarter: Steam - This plugin allows users to easily create topics about Steam games and automatically fill them with content. After attaching a game, which can be easily done using an autocomplete search, the branch will show various information about it above the message. The theme will display a logo, screenshots, description text and other various information about the game. Steam-talked games can be featured in custom widgets that allow random, recently published, most talked about and much more ...
    Pages SuperReviews 1.0.0 - Reviews for IPS 4.3
    Pages SuperReviews is a set of templates for the Pages application, which will help you to place browse sections on your site using Pages databases. Use the full power of Pages in combination with a beautiful set of templates, adding additional functionality, for example, several fields of view for each entry, a review of Pro, an overview of quotes and easy-to-use galleries.
    Classifieds System v1.2.1 - Message Board for IPS 4.x
    Classifieds System is an announcement system for IPS 4, an application that allows your users to place products for sale. The administrator can enable transactions that allow participants to purchase items directly from another participant through the application, and the advertiser receives the amount paid by credit card. If OPERATIONS are disabled, everything must be done manually: the participant must contact the advertiser as he wants (he chooses when the advertisement is published), conclude a deal, after which the advertiser will set the flag as SEND. After the payment / transaction is completed, the advertiser sets the ad flag as COMPLETED.
    Enhanced Forum Views 1.2.0 - replacing the look of IPS 4 forums
    Enhanced Forum Views is a set of small layout options in order to change the appearance of the forum application. The main feature is the change in the list of forums, which focuses the attention of users on the large avatars that created the topic, and the last answer. Displaying the people who wrote the posts makes the topics more personal, and users are more likely to respond. Flexible settings allow you to adapt it to any IPS style.
    Rich Discord Integration 1.0.3 - Discord Integration for IPS 4
    Rich Discord Integration is an application that adds the ability to manage users who want to join your Discord server using ACP.
    Pages SuperGrid 3.1 - a set of templates for IPS Pages
    Pages SuperGrid is a set of Pages templates and a complete solution that will make your Pages databases (with articles, directories, etc.) more attractive. SuperGrid is one of the most popular files in the Applications & Plugins category on the IPS Marketplace and is used on hundreds of websites. Pages SuperGrid is based on the IPS framework and is therefore fully compatible with most topics. Your theme styles are inherited, and Pages SuperGrid templates usually work out of the box.
    Enhanced AdBlock Blocker 2.0.6 - AdBlock Detector for IPS 4
    Enhanced AdBlock Blocker - with this plugin you can detect AdBlock or another blocker that blocks ads on your site. A blocking message will be displayed that will disable all access to the forum if the user has not disabled their AdBlock.
    (itzverified) member verification 4.2.2 - IPS 4 user verification
    Itzverified - IPS 4 modification for photo verification. Your members can request a verification code in their settings. Now they can upload a photo on which they should hold a paper with a confirmation code, and begin the verification process. After sending the file, your moderators will be informed through a notification of a new sent verification. They can go to the moderator’s panel and check if the code on the submitted photo matches the code received by the participant earlier. If the user is a member of a pre-configured group, all other participants will see a check mark next to the user name.
    Project Manager 2.3.4 - project manager on IPS 4
    Project Manager is an advanced set of management tools that allows administrators and project managers to manage, plan, execute, monitor and implement their community projects. Achieve specific goals, meet success criteria and achieve the end result using Project Manager to organize your workflow from start to finish.
    (BIM44) Chatbox 4.0.0 - Chat for IPS 4
    (BIM44) Chatbox is an AJAX chat application for IPS Community Suite 4.x
    (GS) Server List 3.2.1 - Monitoring IPS 4 Game Servers
    Using app (GS) Server List IPS 4 administrator can add game servers, voice servers to the table with servers, the list of servers can be placed on each page as a widget. Servers are updated automatically using the System Scheduler IPS, which reduces the load on the forums. The application uses native sockets to handle UDP instead of streaming sockets. Many settings for adding and managing a server.
    Auto Welcome 2.5.5 - Welcome for New IPS 4 Users
    Auto Welcome - a plugin for the forum IPS Community Suite 4.1-4.4, with which you can greet new forum users using private messages, chat, forum topics, email. Flexible customization helps you easily customize your greeting message and how to send it. Version: 2.5.5
    [HQ4] Moods 1.1.2 - mood status for IPS 4.x
    [HQ4] Moods - applications for the IPS forum IPS 4.2.x - 4.3.x which allows them to express their current mood and feeling. This application will allow your members to choose the moods created by you and enter their own feelings (if allowed), which will be displayed on forums, tips and user profiles. Participants will also be able to see the latest mood updates of all participants through the included widget. This app will help give your community a deeper “community”.
    Twitch Channels By Pages (IP.Content) 1.0.4 - streams with Twitch for IPS 4
    Twitch Channels By Pages is the database for IP.Content. Simply put, this database will allow you to create a page with Twitch channels.
    Advanced Multi-Tool 1.0.4 - IPS Community Suite 4.2 Extension Enhancement
    Advanced Multi-Tool 1.0.4 - Transform your forum with a plugin with over 85 different settings. Change icons, messages, postal templates and more.
    Discord Integration 1.1.0 Beta 4
    Discord Integration - an application for IPS Community Suite 4.2 which allows you to integrate your forum (user groups, messages) into the Discord client. Automatically publish topics, messages, calendar events, new files. Version: 1.1.0 Beta 4
    Pages Clan Wars - page database for Clan Wars
    Pages Clan Wars - page database for Suitable for gaming and thematic forums. Colors can be fully customized to your forum design. There is a side widget.
    (RC34) Feedback 2.2.0 (RUS) 2.2.0
    Feedback component with the Administration. Messages from users are sent according to the specified template (you can add your own fields and form a template). There is also the ability to fix the "receive" message template (it is also set in the settings)
    Group Collaboration Badges 1.0.2
    Group Collaboration Badges - additional group banners for IPS Community Suite 4.2. These icons appear in the user panel next to each message. Banners are controlled in the panel. Version: 1.0.2
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