Dreadnought 2.1.7 - Dark Style for IPS 4
    Dreadnought is a dark style for the IPS Community Suite forum with a huge number of settings for every taste. The style has a native slider, a set of widgets, a creeping line with relevant topics and more.
    Dark Theme - dark style for IPS 4.3.3
    Dark Theme is a beautiful dark theme for IPS 4.3. A slider with 4 display options, an extended footer up to 4 columns and much more.
    Inferno for IPB 3.2.x

    Skin adapted with SMF for IPB 3.2.x
    Coffee Skin Memory 1.0
    Coffee style Memory by FinalPrestige In the archive you will find a PSD logo with group icons, also inside are fonts, installation instructions and a mobile style.
    Polizei - game style for IPS 4.2
    Polizei Gaming Style for IPS Community Sutie 4.2. Supports server monitoring style, dark editor, etc.
    Vivid by ThemeTree - a bright template for IPS 4.3
    Vivid by ThemeTree is a dark, beautiful theme for IPS Community Suite 4, which has 2 sidebars. You do not just get a theme, you get settings that change the default structure. In this topic, language keys for settings are installed. Integration with Twitter! In the configuration settings, you can enable / disable, change the title of the Twitter block and, of course, enter the name of your user profile. On the right side, you can hide and show the sidebar by simply switching the sidebar button. You will get the default color change settings. And much more!
    Cyantic Skin for IPB
    Template Name: Cyantic IPB Version: 3.1.2 Posted by: Respected
    Skin Warrior for IPB 3.1.x [RUS] + PSD

    Dark skin for the IPB 3.1.x forum from SkinBox studio.
    IPBEconomy for IPB 3.2.x

    The IPBEconomy skin is suitable for IPB 3.2.x. Only skin and readme included.
    Elegant for IPB 3.2.x (alteration)

    On the open spaces of the network, I found a remake of the Elegant skin for IPB 3.2.x.
    Elegant - style for the IPS 4.2.x forum
    Elegant is a minimalist style for the IP.Suite 4.2.x forum with the ability to select a skin color for each user.
    Elder Scrolls Skyrim for IPB 3.2.x

    Dark game skin for IPB 3.2.x. Skin for Elder Scrolls fan forums.
    Chameleon Dark & ​​Light - style for IPS 4.2
    Chameleon - style for the IPS Community Suite 4.2 forum from ipbfocus studio. The skin has two colors, dark and light.
    Bulletin for IPB 3.2.3

    Gorgeous Bulletin skin for IPB 3.2.x, made in bright colors with a simple design, but at the same time it looks stylish. The archive kit also includes fonts, group icons, psd logo and icons, and a mobile version of the forum. Type : Original CMS IPB Version : 3.2.x Cross-browser compatibility : Tested on Opera, Chrome, Mozilla Completeness : .xml, .psd, fonts, group icons, mobile version
    Ramadhan Night for IPB 3.2.x

    General skin for IPB 3.2.x Only template included.
    Brave - Dark Style for IPS 4.2

    A new version of the Brave style for the IPS Community Suite 4.2 forum from IPSFocus. The template has a dark color, has several ready-made caps for easy customization to the theme of your forum.
    Carbon 4.3 - Dark Style for IPS 4.3.x
    Carbon - A style named after the carbon texture used throughout the design is a dark theme for IPS.Suite 4.x and is especially suitable for gaming sites. The blue color scheme can be easily changed with a few simple clicks in the settings of the ACP theme, and your participants can customize the theme by choosing their own background image from a predefined array!
    Mind - modern style for IPS 4.3
    Mind - a modern style in bright colors for the IP.Suite 4.3.x forum. Inside the archive you will find the .xml file for setting the style, as well as the source code of the logo. Version:
    BattleField 3 for IPB 3.2.x

    Dark game skin for IPB 3.2.x
    Skin Professional for IPB 3.1.4

    Stylish skin Professional 3.1 for the IPB forum. IPB Version: 3.1.4 Adaptation for new versions: LionNick
    Evict Romania - game style for IPS 4.2
    Evict Romania - Gaming Forum Style for IPS Community Suite 4.2.x. The template has a beautiful header, navigation, graphics, supports a style for monitoring servers and much more.
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