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    Mp3GO Music Parser for DLE

    The official module for parsing music from the base Mp3GO to your site. With this module you can create a music site in a few minutes.
    LightStat 3.0 Statistics Module for DataLife Engine
    Quite a lot of time has passed since the second version of this module. Honestly, on version 2.0 I wanted to complete the “LightStat” line, but not so long ago there were thoughts and some requests from users that were successfully implemented in this version of the module.

    LightStat 3.0 statistics module for DataLife Engine "title =" LightStat 3.0 statistics module for DataLife Engine ">
    Ollhd base parser grabber for DLE 13.x
    Good day, I present to you a free parser-grabber for manual and automatic filling of adult sites from the Ollhd video database.
    DLE Board 1.1 (Null) DLE 10.x - 13.x

    Universal bulletin board, can be used for: catalog of cars, cell phones, job search or workers, housing, etc. At the same time, it can work with an unlimited number of countries and cities.

    This is the place where site visitors can leave information about the sale of something, a job search or its offer, etc.

    "Clean Sign Up" 2.0 - updated registration in the modal window for DLE
    The first version of the quick registration module "

    Clean sign up
    "For DLE, many users whose sites are managed by this CMS have liked.

    Up »2.0 - updated registration in the modal window for DLE" title = "" Clean Sign Up "2.0 - updated registration in the modal window for DLE">
    DLE Billing 0.7.3 - user balance for DLE + modules

    The module allows you to organize automatic payment acceptance on the site and supports a bunch of different payment systems. DLE-Billing installation takes place with minimal changes to the DataLife Engine files.

    DLE Hash Domain v3.2 / 13.3 – модуль генерации ключей для DataLife Engine 7.0 - 13.3.

    Совместим с версиями
    PHP 7.0 по 7.2
    Flash module Carols Gift
    This watch displays the current date and time according to the Slavic-Aryan calendar.
    Visiting Calendar v.2.0

    Visiting Calendar v.2.0 for DLE 9.x
    DLE Links 1.9

    The DLE Links 1.9 module is designed to facilitate the exchange of links with other sites, i.e. the so-called Friends or Partners list. Convenient and easy to use admin panel, as well as simple installation (does not require changing the engine files).
    Series Parser [DLE] filmix Updated!
    Updated parser. Fixed bug with adding series!
    CometChat 2.0 Nulled DLE Edition Module

    CometChat 2.0 is a chat script that can be embedded into your website. This chat enhances interactivity by allowing users to chat with friends and other Internet users.
    CometChat v7.1.2 for DLE

    CometChat is a chat and chat software on the DataLife Engine. Chat is made in PHP - therefore it is suitable for any site or forum! Add chat and more to your website in minutes. You can share files both on your website, on your desktop and mobile phone. CometChat, available in 9 languages. It is possible to translate into your own language! Ready-made front-end languages ​​from the box go to: Arabic, English, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. It works on almost all modern browsers. Minimal server load and well extensible.
    Dlemovie 1.4 nulled
    A unique product for DataLife Engine.
    With it, you don’t have to think about servers, the volume of hard drives, and more!
    Video providers are used to store videos: YouTube, RuTube, Vimeo, RedTube *, VKontakte, Kiwi, Smotri, DailyMotion and LoviTV.
    I climbed the Internet, and found an interesting module, like Loginza. I think some will like it ...
    Mini news gallery module for DLE
    We present to your attention a module for DLE mini galleries for news. The module allows you to upload, with the help of a multiapload form (multiple downloads via 1 button), photos to ANY news and display it in the place specified in the full news template.
    DLE ShortBar v. 1

    A multifunctional panel for users of your site.
    DLE weather informer

    Pretty simple weather widget. Weather is taken from the Mylrush informer. It is cached on the website and updated every hour.
    Database backup module on Yandex disk 1.1 from webarmen
    This module will store a backup copy on your Yandex drive, this is done for additional security of your database, for example, in case of a complete inoperability of the drive where the database site is located.
    DLE simple forum v0.2 - a simple forum using DLE
    DLE simple forum - a simple forum using DLE 13.1. Functionality: Sort news (forum topics) in a category (forum section) by last comment and topic creation date; Return to the section after creating the topic; A separate template for creating topics in the forum; Conclusion avatars topic author; Adding
    DLE Forum 2.6 Ukrainian [nulled]
    The forum is fully translated into Ukrainian.
    Какой (браузер) вы используете?»
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