JAWELEVEN - Touring, Blog, DLE News
    JAWELEVEN - This is a very powerful template on the newest Bootstrap v4.3.1 With all its buns and chips! The template is absolutely universal, on the official page of the project all its ready-made varieties and types will be available.
    I present to you a template on medical topics, oriented to make money on contextual advertising. That is why the template is made in the colors traditional for the context and medicine - blue, white, red and green for a change.
    Filmix template for DLE 9.7 (black)
    Posted by: Artgen Template Successfully : Merged Pattern Type: Fixed DataLife Engine: 9.7 Pattern color: black Tested in well-known browsers: Opera, Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer 8-9, Google Chrome Do you like to watch movies online for free in good quality on the site? Most likely the answer will be positive, otherwise you would not have read this text. We offer you to create your own movie site on the Filmix template, which is focused on creating an online movie service. The Filmix template itself will be for you a good component of your future site as an external design.
    Bright template for online videos / movies
    Pattern Type: Fixed Compatibility: DLE 9.x - 9.7 Bright template for sites / portals with Online videos / movies. The template is drawn and made up from scratch, no rip, I say right away! It seems that the template is crammed with everything, but this is not so. One additional script, and several ordinary jquery animations. Template based on html5 and css3.
    Kinometro template for DLE 12
    Kinometro - a movie template for DLE 12. Has a block structure, a beautiful drop-down menu, etc. Posted by: mexalim
    Cheat template OFF dle 9.7
    DLE engine : 9.7 Rip Author: Bender Bundle: tpl, js, css, img Most already know the Cheat Off template, which is now adapted for the new DLE 9.7 engine. The advantages of the new option, of course, are obvious - this is more stable operation, and the ability to upload more voluminous information to the site than before, as well as better protection against hacking and spam.
    A beautiful and very simple template for DLE sites, designed for a video theme, well, the template is so unique that you can use it for any other topic, even for an online movie theme, this template has no theme boundaries, it all depends on you. The template is provided in two color schemes.
    Cooking Club DLE 10.0 Template
    DLE Version: 9.8-10 Width: fixed, 1000px Tested for: IE8, Mozilla, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari Price: 85wmz per copy Options: template, detailed instructions, logo source + user agreement Additional fields: yes
    Rip delaydengi template
    Pattern Type: rip Posted by: Sanya48
    Cinema - online movie theme template
    A simple and convenient Cinema template for DLE on the topic of online cinema, the template contains only what is needed for the visitor, nothing is not overloaded, a nice color of the template, the ability to change the background for any movie.
    Kinodom - movie template for DLE
    A very aesthetic Kinodom template for DLE was made specifically for cinema sites, which are built on the mega-popular DLE engine. Design work was done by Deadpool. He did this specifically for his own site filled with various films. Kinodom template has two
    KINOMIN DLE 10.1 Template
    Topic: films, series, cinema portal Developer: Yoobe Pattern Type: Original For DLE version: 10.1 Contents in the archive: tpl, jpg, png, gif, css, js, psd, instructions Tested in browsers: Opera, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari, IE9
    Apple Portal - iOS theme template for DLE
    DLE Apple Portal template for iOS-related sites and Apple in general. The template provides 2 types of full news - one for regular news, and the second for outputting games and applications, that is, the template can be used as a news resource about Apple, as well as a portal with games and applications for iOS.
    Layout DeUcoz
    Layout and stretched on DLE DeUcoz layout from a great designer: Anarki33rus
    Template - Line [DLE9.7]
    DEMO: http://moslem.ws/line/
    Dle Panel v.1.0 - [9.7]
    Template Name: Dle Panel v.1.0 Author of adaptation: maxfix DLE: 9.7
    Ukrtor v1 Template (Author)
    This template deserves the attention of webmasters for its minimalism. Dle templates do not have to be alike, and uniqueness is traced in this work. How correctly the author distributed the green colors is obvious at first glance. For a long time I did not turn to new versions of the engine, but the presence of a miniature pleasantly surprised me.
    Recipex - responsive blog template for DLE 12
    Recipex is an adaptive template with a beautiful and bright design, designed for sites of various DLE 12 themes. First of all, the template is suitable for blogging, news and entertainment resources, as well as cooking websites. The template has a drop-down menu under which the "News of the day" is located over the entire width. The main content on the main page is presented in the form of several sliders. When you go to other pages, a column appears on the right, which contains advertising materials, recent comments and other blocks for displaying publications. Width: adaptive (responsive); Layout: html5, css3; Cross-browser compatibility: IE, Mozilla, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, mobile devices; Complete set: template, instruction; Topic: blog, cooking, entertaining.
    Game World Template for DLE 9.8
    Title: Game World Engine Version: DLE 9.8 Pattern Type: joomla adaptation Cross-browser compatibility: Opera, IE, Mozilla, Safari, Chrome.
    ANN4 - adaptive template on a universal theme for DLE 12
    ANN4 for DLE is a very beautiful, compact and convenient template for almost any site. The classic 2-column structure makes the template very simple and easy to use. The template uses 2 types of full news - the first for ordinary articles and news, and the second using additional ones - it will be very convenient for outputting games, programs, films. The type of brief news is switched on the fly using the ajax module and remembers its state. The top menu is drop-down and is fixed at the top when scrolling. The menu in the sidebar will also please - it is made in the form of an accordion (retractable). The template is built on the new bootstrap4 and is perfectly displayed on mobile devices.
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