So Fina v1.0.2 - Multipurpose OpenCart Template
So Fina v1.0.2
is a modern and fully responsive multipurpose OpenCart theme for any type of store. Combined with a super powerful dashboard packed with a bunch of options, you can create your own unique e-commerce website, just for you, called your own. Fina provides many functional extensions such as: attractive homepage slider with many sleek effects, multilingual, multi-currency, image popup and more, super-fast speed to enrich customer experience. An easy-to-use admin panel and detailed documentation will allow you to completely create and manage your store.

Kid Toys - Opencart 3 kids goods store template
Kid Toys
is a responsive theme for online toys, textiles, fashion, apparel, gifts, education, food, sweets, accessories and general store. It looks very professional and matches the colors beautifully.

Digital Mart - Multifunctional Responsive Opencart 3 Theme
Digital Mart
is a responsive theme for Opencart 3 that specializes in electronics, fashion, automotive, tools, parts, furniture, art, home, decorative and many other themes.Create your minimal and multipurpose online store. Digital Mart page templates look good with any combination of colors and come with 10+ different layouts. It is very clean and professional looking.

HiGreen v1.0.1 - universal template for OpenCart 2
So HiGreen
is a multifunctional OpenCart theme for an online store.
is one of the best OpenCart templates for any ecommerce site. It is suitable for online stores such as cosmetics, shopping, digital goods and even footwear stores. HiGreen will meet your business goals. Providing many functional extensions like Mega Menu with multiple columns (docked menu - fixed menu), Visual Page Builder, OnePage, attractive So Quick Tools home page slider with lots of smooth effects, multilingual, multicurrency, popup and more.

Electro v1.0.1 - template for online electronics store OpenCart 2
is a responsive Opencart template for an online electronics store. The universal structure and palette allow this template to be used in a variety of topics.

Mmall v1.0.0 - universal responsive Opencart 2 template
is a universal responsive template for Opencart. A business tool that will allow you to easily start trading on the Internet, regardless of your topic.

CasualBag v1.0.4 - template for online clothing store OpenCart 2
is a well-thought-out online store template for opencart. Perfect for a quick start of your store on Opencart, becoming a good basis for its further development.

TopAuto v1.0.4 - adaptive template for online store of auto parts and auto goods
is a universal solution for online stores with automotive topics. 3 different design options and flexible theme customization allow you to create an online store of auto parts and other automotive products that meets your requirements. Adaptive and cross-browser layout is present, so your site will be displayed correctly on all devices and browsers.

B2Bv2 Equipment Sale Website Template - Opencart 2.x
Lightweight, stylish, responsive, modern template created under the theme "Equipment for business" (or as they say in English. B2B). Suitable for any type of business in which the sale of machine tools, equipment, machinery and other production facilities takes place. However, the range of use is clearly not limited to this, electronics goods fit quite well, which is clearly seen on the demo template. In terms of design, it can be called universal. The advantage of this template is the maximum approximation to the logic of a standard template, does not require replacing files, it will install as quickly as possible on any, even just installed Opencart oStore.

Grandstore v1.1 NULLED - custom template for OpenCart 3
template was developed as a universal template that fits any topic of e-commerce due to the GrandColor module, which allows the user to change the entire color scheme of the site in a matter of minutes. The module has 56 settings that can change the color of any element in the template. The category menu, which is nested up to 3 levels and a two-level menu of information pages in the header, allow you to conveniently structure a large amount of content.

Grand v1.0.4 - Responsive Universal OpenCart 3 Template
is a multipurpose, customizable, easy-to-use and fully responsive template for a modern online store. Suitable for any type of store: clothing, footwear, electronics, sports, jewelry and more ...

Dynamic Color 3.0 - Multicolor Multimodal OpenCart Template
Dynamic Color 3.0
is a multi-color, multi-modular, multifunctional, and most importantly a simple and fast adaptive template with a set of modules that are vital for running your business. Easy color management allows you to change the color scheme with a mouse click, which means you can customize the template for any theme. A ready-made set of colors was created in order to simplify the choice of color even more ... By clicking the mouse, three defining colors of the template are set ... And the dynamic change of the color scheme of the elements further simplifies the choice of the scheme ...

FastMart Responsive 3.1.4 Template

template is a universal template for your OpenCart store, which includes additional modules and settings.

BestShop v3.0.4 - responsive universal template
is a multipurpose, customizable, easy-to-use and fully responsive template for a modern online store. Suitable for any type of store: clothing, footwear, electronics, sports, jewelry and more ...

Coloring Theme v1.6.6 - adaptive template for OpenСart 2.x
Coloring Theme
is a modern responsive template for opencart 2.x, which includes a set of additional modules and settings necessary for the full operation of a modern online store. The template is built on the basis of the popular Bootstrap 3 framework and makes the most of its capabilities in its work. The template has a well-thought-out usability and an intuitive interface, on which, as you know, the conversion of an online store directly depends.

Unishop2 v1.7.0.0 NULLED - universal template for OpenCart 3
This template has all the characteristics necessary for a quick start of the store and its further successful existence. Lightweight, fast, versatile template, perfect for creating stores of completely different directions - selling consumer electronics, appliances, clothing, shoes, books, various accessories, jewelry and much more.

YOGA - Modern Responsive Template
Universal and responsive YOGA template for Opencart 3 This is
not yet another interpretation of the default template with hundreds of modifications, but a new look at how a modern website on Opencart might look like in 2020, not tied to outdated libraries. The template is built on the idea of ​​not using heavy libraries, everything is only necessary, which allows you to reduce page weight and show excellent results on page load.
Supports Opencart:
Demo :

Простая тема в зеленых тонах. Подойдет как для магазина продуктов так и для других целей.

TwitterLogin 2.3.4 - authorization via Twitter for OpenCart 2
Improve your login, signup conversion with the
TwitterLogin button. You can fully customize the position of the button and choose one of three button designs that are suitable for any business. The module comes with many settings that you will find in the demo.

PopupUpsell 3.3.8 - increase the amount of each sale of OpenCart
PopupUpsell gives you the advantage of selling additional products to your customers based on the products they have in their cart. These additional products may be more expensive items, upgrades or other goodies, which ultimately increases the total basket for your customer. You can use the full potential of expansion by creating various unique trading offers for each product. In one study, after installing PopupUpsell, store owners started reporting sales growth of up to 22%.

VisualLayouts 1.4 - OpenCart 2 drag and drop layout editor
VisualLayouts is a drag and drop layout editor where you can easily add, remove, or sort modules. You can visualize the position of the OpenCart module in the layout system. It has never been so easy to place a module on top, bottom, left or right of a content column. Using VisualLayouts, you can create new layouts or edit an existing layout and even assign some module parameters to it.
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