Social Media Authorization for Opencart 3
    Module for registering and authorizing customers through social networks on Opencart 3.0. Now your customers will be able to quickly and conveniently log in to the site as a buyer through popular social networks: Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Google,, Odnoklassniki (only for sites on https).
    Yandex Metrika E-Commerce for Opencart v1.4
    Yandex.Metrica provides the ability to collect and analyze data related to the field of electronic commerce - Ecommerce. This addition makes it possible to transfer data about viewed, purchased goods to Yandex analytics. Monitors the addition and removal of goods. Information on completed orders will appear in Yandex.Metrica, in which full data will be indicated, such as the order number, name and quantity of goods in a specific order. It will become possible to view the popularity of goods, categories and brands, the number of views and rejections of goods pending in the basket. With the right analysis of statistics, you can easily draw conclusions and implement the right development strategies for your business.
    SmartNotifications v2.2.5 - OpenCart Pop-up Messages
    SmartNotifications is a marketing plugin for OpenCart that will raise your sales to new highs. Inspired by market giants like and, the module is pushing a notice that creates a shortage for your merchandise store, which leads to an impulsive purchase.
    Example: “Hurry up, there are 280 people looking at this product”, “Last purchase was made 15 minutes ago”, “540 people booked this hotel in the last hour” Your customers will never be so happy that they spent their money with you.
    Logging of actions of users of the admin panel 2.1.4
    The module allows you to log user actions in the admin panel of the store. Due to the presence of settings, the action log can be customized to your needs. In addition, the module can be used to track hacking attempts, with the analysis of ip and brute resistance of passwords. And also for control over developers, testers, attempts to enter prohibited sections.
    Custom Size Chart - product details in the OpenCart size chart
    Custom Size Chart - This extension helps you show the details of your product in a size chart. From the administrator, you can specify a table of sizes and several values. You can set a different style to display the size chart on the product page as in the pop-up window, in the tab, in the description inside and in the description.
    Product price in different currencies for Opencart

    A module for automatically calculating according to the exchange rate specified in the administrative panel and displaying the product price in all available currencies in the Opencart store. Prices in other currencies will be displayed below the main price and only those that are included in the admin panel. The module is adapted for the default template, but can work on other templates.

    Reviews without AJAX with schema micro-layout for Opencart

    Initially, product reviews are loaded into the card via AJAX, so search engines cannot see them in the main page code and, as a result, index and analyze them for ranking by keywords that are in the text of reviews. The add-on will cancel the download of reviews through AJAX and download them along with the page , which allows search engines to index them. This modifier is a real Must Have for stores with non-unique descriptions or small in volume (up to 1000 characters), with its help you can dilute non-unique text with unique content from reviews. So we highly recommend if you parse descriptions or take it from a manufacturer or competitors! micro-markup is also added, thanks to which you can do such things in Google snippets. However, we do not guarantee that Google considers it necessary to display the "stars" on your site on its search page. This decision remains at the discretion of the search engine and cannot be influenced in any way.

    Export Hotline products for Opencart

    Hotline product upload module for Opencart. Allows you to generate on-the-fly an XML file for export to the Hotline price aggregator. The Hotline export add-on in the opencart admin panel is located in the "Promotion Channels" section, where it is possible to configure it for the store’s needs: Ability to select categories of goods for uploading to the catalog; Ability to specify warranty parameters; Ability to specify the type, time and cost of delivery.

    CYR-to-LAT Image Name Transliteration for Opencart 2

    Translates the file name from Cyrillic to Latin with all letters lowercase. Prevents overwriting files (before downloading, a check is made for the uniqueness of the file name). Removes from the name all characters (except -) and spaces, which can also cause problems with moving files from the hosting. The situation when transferring site files to a new hosting with the wrong encoding is very common. The reason for this is most often the server configuration in which there is no way to correctly transfer files with contents in the file names to Cyrillic characters.

    OpenCart Google Merchant - XML ​​feed generator for Google Merchant
    Google Merchant and Facebook grocery XML feed generator module - for placing goods on Google Merchant / Google Shopping / Facebook - manyFeed Generator for Google Merchant / Shopping
    Customer Group Based Currency - currency selection for OpenCart user group

    Customer Group Based Currency - this module allows you to set a different currency based on a group of customers. Feature: You can choose more than one currency for one customer group. If you select only one currency for one customer group, a specific customer group will be forced to use a predefined currency.

    Product Variants - OpenCart Product Groups

    Simplify navigation in your store. With this extension you can create unlimited product groups. Easy installation and administration.

    Ajax Best Checkout v5.0.0.7 - Simplified OpenCart Checkout

    Ajax Best Checkout - simplified checkout for Opencart 2.3. There is a Russian language, a file with a translation in the archive, before installing, remove the folder with the translation file from the ocmod directory. It is well displayed on mobile devices. It is modern, fresh, responsive and stands out from the one-page extensions. Watch the demo and decide for yourself.

    Module Import YML catalog in Opencart 3.0

    A module for automatically loading goods to an online store based on Opencart 3.x from a YML file from another online store or supplier. The module is convenient for dropshipping, as most suppliers provide a YML file with goods for import. Importing goods is possible by uploading a YML file to a form or by linking to a YML file. If you register a link, then you can put the task in the cron-scheduler on the server to periodically run the script to update the goods from the specified source. Thus, the products in your store will be updated automatically. In this case, you need to configure the module: register a link to the YML file and indicate which product fields need to be updated. Then put the task in kroner to run the script {your site} /admin/import_yml_cron.php (if there are a lot of goods for import, it is better to run the script through the CLI in order to avoid server time limitations for script processing). Support for your hosting will help you to set the task in the cron manager.

    Carousel Product Slider for Opencart

    The Carousel Product Slider module for Opencart displays a selection of products from categories and manufacturers. You can create an unlimited number of modules, each of which will have its own settings. Features of the module: clickable title of the module (for example, you can specify a link to the category or filter page) scrolling goods by swipe (finger on the screen). The source of goods can be: all store products in a certain category (with goods from subsidiary categories) selected products; you can also set a filter by manufacturer to display products of only the right brand. It can sort goods by: date of arrival bestsellers popular goods popular goods (number of views) by the number of reviews selected (special) products as well as: the latest innovations of a particular manufacturer of sales leaders of a particular manufacturer of popular goods of a certain manufacturer ... etc.

    YandexPlusPlus - Visa, Mastercard, Yandex.Money ++ for OC3 (Individual)

    A popular payment module for individuals supporting version 3.x stores. You do not need to conclude any agreements to accept plastic cards on your website; you just need to have a Yandex.Money wallet. It does not require VQMOD, does not require OCMOD, does not replace system files, works with any template, is compatible with the simple module (can use non-standard fields).

    PayPal Payments Advanced Module - PayPal for OpenCart 2

    OpenCart Paypal Payments Advanced is an OpenCart extension that integrates with OpenCart e-commerce software to accept credit card payments through PayPal. Expanded payment integration with PayPal. OpenCart Paypal Payment Advanced provides funds for canceling / canceling any outstanding transactions. It also supports the refund amount on the configuration page. Payment OpenCart Paypal Advanced Module is valid for one domain / website and a separate license must be purchased for installation on subsequent domains / websites.

    Module AutoClick Clients for Opencart 3.0 Groups

    A module for the implementation of customer auto- transition by groups, depending on the amount of previous orders in Opencart 3.0. Want to make client groups automated? Then this module is exactly what you need. You can create several customer groups and depending on the amount of previous paid orders, the customer will go to a specific group.

    Module Simplified order for Opencart 3.0

    A very powerful module to simplify the checkout form in Opencart 3.0 . It will help you make the checkout page compact and beautiful, and most importantly convenient for customers, because the standard OpenCart 3 order form is very complex and multi-step, and there’s no need to disable certain unnecessary blocks or fields. With our module “Simplified order” you can configure the checkout page so that not one of your clients leaves the race and leaves the order halfway.

    InstagramShopGallery 3.1.1 - Instagram feed with purchase option for OpenCart 3

    Add Instagram shopping messages and boost sales in your OpenCart store using the InstagramShopGallery module! Select the Instagram hashtag that you want to use to display the posts, and add them to your custom Instagram shopping feed on your OpenCart website. Customers will be able to view all the Instagram photos that you select, and will be able to add the products that they see to the basket directly from the photos.

    OCFilter v4.7.5 - OpenCart product filter module

    OCFilter is a fast and functional filter of products in the catalog. The main emphasis is on the speed of selection of goods and the ease of use of the filter by both buyers and store owners. Therefore, usability and search algorithms are constantly evolving, regardless of goals already achieved or set.

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