TwitterLogin 2.3.4 - authorization via Twitter for OpenCart 2
    Improve your login, signup conversion with the
    TwitterLogin button. You can fully customize the position of the button and choose one of three button designs that are suitable for any business. The module comes with many settings that you will find in the demo.
    PopupUpsell 3.3.8 - increase the amount of each sale of OpenCart
    PopupUpsell gives you the advantage of selling additional products to your customers based on the products they have in their cart. These additional products may be more expensive items, upgrades or other goodies, which ultimately increases the total basket for your customer. You can use the full potential of expansion by creating various unique trading offers for each product. In one study, after installing PopupUpsell, store owners started reporting sales growth of up to 22%.
    VisualLayouts 1.4 - OpenCart 2 drag and drop layout editor
    VisualLayouts is a drag and drop layout editor where you can easily add, remove, or sort modules. You can visualize the position of the OpenCart module in the layout system. It has never been so easy to place a module on top, bottom, left or right of a content column. Using VisualLayouts, you can create new layouts or edit an existing layout and even assign some module parameters to it.
    MegaMenu Pro 1.4 - Automatically Create OpenCart Menu Categories
    MegaMenu Pro is a module for OpenCart that allows you to automatically create menu categories. Horizontal menu (to the width of the screen or content). Vertical menu + additional menu. Categories: Simple List. Categories are the full width of the layout. Categories are the full width of the layout + image. Display under categories. The classic menu. HTML content Insert banners. Brands Stocks (sales). Information pages. Stickers (free text + color + background). Fast menu editor.
    Discounts Pack - discount module for OpenCart 3
    Discounts Pack - a discount package that combines several discount modules: volume, loyalty, category, discounts for a group of customers, manufacturer’s discount, discount on the entire purchase amount, etc. All discounts are processed as an order total. For each discount, a separate line of the final order will be displayed in the basket.
    Opencart 3.0 Product Manager Module
    Advanced product manager module in Opencart 3.0 with the ability to quickly edit almost any product parameters. This module must be installed in every online store, because it saves a lot of time for the site administrator. You can customize the product list page for yourself - add any product parameter to the table. You can also enable product editing in the popup window, quickly adding products to the Recommended module, editing promotions and discounts directly from the list of products.
    Module - Opencart Order Filter
    Filter Orders by Product Name, Email, Phone Number Filter by product name to search for products in orders. Email filter to find the buyer of the order. Filter by phone number to search for orders by phone number
    Compatible with OpenCart: 2.0.xx, 2.1.xx, 2.2.xx, 2.3.xx, 3.0.xx Personal model, sales did not go, I spread it to you))
    Promotions and Discounts in percent 2.0.2
    The module adds the ability to set the price
    for the goods in Promotions and Discounts based on the entered percentage. When you enter a value in the Percentage field, the new price is calculated and recorded in the Price field. Also, when specifying a value in the Price field, the percentage will be calculated. Also added is the display of the percentage on the stock in the list of goods in the Control Panel.
    Multi Level Marketing 1.0 - Network Marketing for OpenCart 2.3
    Multi Level Marketing / Agent Advanced Pro is the best way to promote your site. Increase your sales by giving your customers the opportunity to share a link to your site. This extension is very useful for increasing your sales with the MLM system. The client can buy and also earn something by sharing the link, so the client will visit the website again and he will have more chances to buy something else.
    Related options 2.2.7 for OpenCart 2
    “Related options” module allows you to specify available combinations of options for products (link options). This can be useful when selling goods that have interdependent characteristics (options), such as color and size of clothing. After installing the module, when editing products, the “Related options” tab is displayed, on which you can set available combinations of options for the product.
    Layout Type - acceleration of the mobile version of OpenCart 2
    Module to speed up the mobile version of the site.
    Multi-language SEO URLs 2.x - Multilingual OpenCart 2 URLs
    Multilingual SEO 2.x URLs If you work in a multi-language store, this extension must be required! This extension allows you to specify a special keyword for everything (for example, product / category / manufacturer, etc., as well as for account / registration, account / login, etc.) in the selected language.
    Mega Filter PRO v2. - filter for OpenCart
    Mega Filter PRO is a modern and convenient filtering system. It allows you to quickly and efficiently find products that are compatible with your selected search criteria, such as attributes, options, filters, categories, and many others.
    order import export xml / xls (1.5.x, 2.x & 3.x)
    order import export xml / xls - import export of xml / xls orders for OpenCart. More details on the link below.
    Mega Footer 3.x & 2.xx - advanced OpenCart footer
    Mega Footer allows you to display a wide footer that you can customize as you wish. Using this module, you can add your channel on Twitter, a social network icon, Facebook, for example, a window, your video, user links to any additional information that you want to show in the footer. Get full control of the footer from the administrator, you can change the colors from the administrator, now you can hide and show any column of the footer. So this module is fully customizable.
    Links to social networks in Opencart
    You can easily add links to your groups on social networks. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and others. Also indicate links to messenger channels that will be clickable and when clicked, they will immediately launch the application for correspondence.
    Google Product Snippet - OpenCart Product Markup
    This module briefly describes each product information. This is convenient for search engine recognition. Specific values ​​for the following Google Product tags: product name, image, description, reviews and ratings, product manufacturer, price, currency code, product status, item number, etc.
    Form Builder Pro - form designer for OpenCart 2.x - 3.x
    Forms are a necessary part of any website. Often website owners want to create different forms for different purposes and want them to appear on different pages in accordance with their requirements. because the forms show important information and act as a hint to visitors. When approaching, the programmer programmed the form, it must pass coding, testing and debugging. This process takes a lot of time.
    Featured Category Products - Featured Product Categories OpenCart 2.x - 3.x
    In the default store theme, the Product Category is not specified in the module. Therefore, the authors created this extension in accordance with the needs of your Store. This is a good and useful app for your store. Allows the customer to select a specific category and display the store’s product category. This custom extension allows you to select the backend which categories you want to display.
    Order status color - OpenCart 2 order status color
    Set an individual color for each order status in the list of orders, in which you can change the background color and text color.
    Order Success Page - OpenCart 2.x - 3.x successful order page
    With this module you can all customize your successful order page.
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