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WordPress Templates
WordPress Templates
WordPress Templates
    Fiji - 5in1 multi-module template
    Adaptive, universal template Fiji, google pageSpeed ​​96100 . Easy installation and setup. The template does not replace standard files, it is easy to transfer products and categories. Template
    Fiji is a one-stop solution for launching your online store, professional technical support from the developer, ease of setup and installation. With this template you can easily create your own business on the Internet, an excellent conversion. Responsive mesh template built on Bootstrap v4.1
    KEPT 1.5 - Responsive OpenCart 3 Template
    KEPT is a responsive theme created with attention to detail for OpenCart only. This OpenCart theme is extremely easy to use, each theme setting is in one place, and not in tons of confusing sections or hard-to-reach modules. Compatible with OpenCart or higher.
    Unity Store 3.0 Filter - a multi-module adaptive OpenCart template
    Unity Store 3.0 is a multi-module, multi-functional, adaptive template with a set of modules that are vital for conducting your business. You get more than 17 necessary modules + 1 extensive module for its management. Filter products by parameters, Auto-update prices when choosing options and quantities, Quick order, Callback, Found cheaper, News, Live search, Newsletter subscription, Running line, etc. allow you to organize a full-fledged functional store.
    July v2.16 - adaptive template for ocStore / Opencart
    July is a positive and clean template for OpenCart. If you want to have a unique, attractive design and are trying to make your style among numerous store owners, July theme is a great starting point for you.
    Classified - Responsive Opencart Theme
    Classified is the perfect bulletin board template for OpenCart 2, 3. Effective colors, attractive fonts and interactive elements make the visitor know more about your products. Classic offers provide many opportunities. This is the original and most popular theme for ads dedicated to Opencart. Multiple modules: Mega Header, Mega Footer, Newsletter, Featured Category.
    ZendTheme 1.0.7 - Responsive Template for OpenCart
    Responsive and universal template.
    ZendTheme is designed for different topics, it is also an electronics store, clothes and shoes, accessories, watches and much more. Together with the template, you get a set of modules for raising sales of your store.
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