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    Download script game Mercury City. A new, colorful script of an economic game with everything you need. Disabled and removed all the slag modules, rewritten the main modules. An interesting design and beautiful solutions for playing on the project of your investors.
    Download game script Beer Empire
    Download the script of the game on the FF engine with the PAYEER payment system.

    About the game:
    The script of the economic online game "Beer Empire." In this game with the withdrawal of money, participants will have to buy factories of various levels that will brew beer for them, they need to be drained and sold at the warehouse, in return to receive coins.

    In Game:  
    Welcome to an exciting online game! Our game will allow you to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of business and earn real money. In the game you have to buy factories of various levels that will brew you beer, you need to merge it and sell it in a warehouse, in return you get coins.
    Download scripts

    Download script games Epic online game based on the cartoon "How to Train Your Dragon"

    Beautiful design with animated background on the main. Thoughtful plot of the game.

    The script is written on the fruit farm engine.

    In the script you will find the automatic accumulation of profit, a quick return on investment. Automatic and stable payments. Withdraw points without points.

    The script of the game The Settlers
    What is the essence of the game "The Settlers"? The whole point is pretty simple! You must buy different buildings and make money using them! The more the building costs, the more money it can bring every day. No need to make difficult manipulations and keep statistics, you have to go to the project every day and get your real income!
    The script of the economic game Wm-Ferma
    Script online games Wm-Ferma script-based   Farm neighbors . With this script, you can run your own economic online game with the withdrawal of real money. Colorful design will undoubtedly attract users.  
    Sky-Birds - a script of an economic game with a withdrawal of money
    Sky birds   - script economic game with the withdrawal of money.
    Super script, many modules, interesting functionality.
    Script economic game Shrek
    The new beautiful modern script of the economic online game Shrek. Chic unique design in bright colors. Farm principle. Full control in the control panel. Auto payments, several bonuses, restrictions on the accumulative bonus. Banners are already there. There is an online chat. Installation is easy, there is an installation manual.  
    Script game RIOFARM
    Gorgeous and high-quality script economic online game with the withdrawal of money RIOFARM with a chic design. Good protection against attacks and hacking. The script contains authorization and binding of the account to social networks, chat and much more. Payment systems - Yandex money, Perfect Money, PAYEER, Free-Kassa, QIWI.
    Script game City-Business
    The script of the game with the withdrawal of real money City-Business. Great game design. Many different features. Eight types of real estate. Payment systems Payeer, Yandex, Qiwi.
    FIFA game script

    FIFA game script
    Script Game Farm GOST ORIGINAL
    Script Game Farm GOST ORIGINAL
    New functionality not found in all farms
    Large selection of payment cards to replenish
    Many paychecks for withdrawal
    Various games: Wheel of Fortune, Dung Field, K-S-O
    Added Coupons and Stock Exchange
    Experience Store
    Added a new location Forest and Mine
    There is a chat and so on.
    The script of the game with the withdrawal of money NFS MONEY
    The project gives users the opportunity not only to enjoy the game, but also to make good money, and most importantly, it does not require special activity, skills or experience.

    The game has many modules built in, contests and bonuses for replenishment are installed.
    Payment systems Payeer and WebMoney.
    The interface in the script is intuitive.
    The script is installed according to the standard scheme.
    Cryptocurrency mining simulator script
    This is a unique script of an economic cryptocurrency mining simulation game with the withdrawal of real money.
    Great and lightweight design, beautiful design, profitable affiliate program, system transparency and much more.
    Only 6 different cryptocurrencies are presented in the game.
    The participant replenishes the balance by at least 10 rubles, they buy cryptocurrency, and every 5 minutes in the warehouse they can sell Crypto (game cryptocurrency).
    The following modules are connected: credit, contest of referrals and games Kamikaze, Kamikaze 2, Alkash Alik.
    All operations are performed in rubles through Payeer.
    Script economic game FF Beermaker
    The script of the economic game on the engine FF Beermaker.
    Register as always classes / _class.config.php
    Admin path http: // site /? Menu = admin384  
    Username and password admin admin
    Script browser game War Time
    What is in the game:
    - Full admin panel
    - Tavern with quests
    - locations with mobs
    - bonuses
    - VIP system
    - equipment store with kit system
    - and much more.
    Script online game Land of Oblivion
    Script online rpg oblivion Earth
    Unique Andry Birds NEW script
    Unique Andry Birds NEW script. Very beautiful modern design. Top-ups and Payeer payments. Attaching a wallet forever. Withdrawal once an hour. Modules - lottery, exchanger, various bonuses, contests, chat, KNB, the last 7 inputs and outputs of funds. Everything works 100%. Instruction inside.
    Golden Eggs Cashout Game
    Golden Eggs is an interesting and fascinating game that will open up an amazing opportunity to increase your money by following simple rules and relying on the world famous parable: “The Tale of the Chicken Lying Golden Eggs” described in the book “The Path to Financial Independence”

    The script of the economic game "Duck Tales"
    Welcome to Duck Tales!
    The script of the Economic game with the withdrawal of money.
    An interesting plot of the game will always pull players to play this game and earn money in it.
    Feel free to download this script and put it on your hosting.
    I present to you this script! The essence of the game is to hire chefs who will be profitable! Nice beautiful design! Own banners to attract referrals! Payment systems Payeer and free-Kassa! Clear functionality!

    Instructions for installing and configuring the script are in the "Instructions" folder!
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