Free A great hype project with a nice design
    - The hype script runs on QIWI PerfectMoney Yandex Payeer with a very beautiful and attractive design! - (there is webmoney but disconnected you can connect) - Very beautiful and attractive design of the project (Work DesignerGamora) - There is a new section of recent contributions and conclusions - Download avatar and display in reviews. - Linking wallets to Account Account Protection (last IP login) Account Login Information: Account Login: demo Account Password: demo Login to the site control panel: http: // your site / admin.php
    Multifunction admin admin Added one payment system Perfect Money # Settings INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. To do this, you need to do a few actions: 1. Create a database on your server (Encoding: windows-1251) 2. Write all the data in the cfg.php file 3. Upload all files to the hosting 4. Run the file: http: //SITENAME.COM/install.php 5. In the form, write your details for the administrator and click the INSTALL button! 6. After a successful installation, delete the install.php file 7. Give write permissions (777) to the file: rss.xml 8. The rest of the settings you can make through the admin panel in the menu "Project Settings"
    New unique hype script
    New unique hype script all errors are fixed, cleared of unnecessary code. Everything is clean, without holes. Convenient admin panel.
    Script for financial investments
    Script for financial investments on the engine administration Payments perfect and shares in automatic mode (Ability to add in manual mode) Convenient admin panel
    Hyp script World-Deposits
    Hyp script World-Deposits
    New Hip Beach-Invest
    Script invest project. Works with QIWI payment system. I’ll say right away the admin panel is not, but if you have hands then you can also mold candy from this. Not checking for holes, but it works 100% Tariffs are configured through files! In the admin panel, only deposit money and view statistics!
    The script of the new hype
    The script is a new hype, runs on Perfect and Paeer. Everything is on the machine. Move - AdminStation, the design is beautiful. There are no holes. Installation is simple.
    Very good hype script no holes and shells beautiful design. high yield tool What satisfaction do you feel from the knowledge that you have money in your pocket? when you have to spend the night in the open.
    The script of the investment project INVEST-AVTO FREE
    Functionality features: Referral system. 4 tariff plans.
    Hyp script Three heroes - heroic profit
    The script of modern hype Three heroes - heroic profit. Very beautiful and bright design of the project, there are no holes and shells in the script, the affiliate program has a colorful banner. The script is very good and deserves attention, the price of the script is very low.
    Script investment project Nano-Tehnology
    Unique and high-quality script with two payments.
    Hyp script Coursemax
    A unique and pleasant looking investment project script.
    Hype script in gray-green colors. In Russian and English languages. Good administrative panel, custom ref.system. PAYEER and Perfect payment systems.
    Payeer script doubler c design
    Payeer script doubler c design Great modern style in light blue tones. Extensive powerful functionality, convenient admin panel.
    Hyp script WOW-QIWI. Take kiwi eggs. Great hype design.
    QIWI-EGGS Script
    Installation is simple Import DB (exivex.sql file) Prescribe access to the database and other settings in the conf.php file Admin here your site / adg.php
    HYIP script TIME-MONEY
    A great script flew into public! Installation instructions in the archive! The script works with QIWI and Perfect Money. The design is very well done. There is an admin panel. + bonus Skype database HYIPoviks from 1667 accounts, all accounts are active today.
    MONICA 24 (Monica)
    MONICA 24 HYIP working script (Monica) with a beautiful design. Simple and easy installation, there is a setting through the admin panel for auto reception LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. There is also a detailed installation instruction, since this script is already in the public and I decided to supplement the site with this script. I immediately write that I have not tested it, but the people who wrote wrote that the script is good.
    Chic project design, fully working script, admin panel, payments everything works
    Hype Script Construction Investmen
    Hype Construction Investmen script is an investment fund with six investment plans. The site has project statistics, e-mail notifications about operations in the account, support for connecting an SSL security certificate. It is possible to use two languages, Russian and English, which gives the site a more serious look. The design is simple.
    Hyp script * Giper-MoneY * green for free
    Cool greenish design rip himself! But for a fee I decided not to spread it so download.
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