ready scripts
    Script ad network AD-CORE is a unique service of active advertising is fully protected. Nice design in dark colors and a comfortable user account will attract many new users.

    There are different types of advertising: Banners, surfing, tasks. There is an online chat and referral contest. 3 level affiliate program.   To replenish the balance there are payment systems Payeer, Megakassa. The conclusion is made to the Payeer payment system. VIP and MINI tariffs.
    Active advertising service script ProBux
    Script service active advertising ProBux. A completely unique, fully protected active advertising service script. It has high-quality protection against hacking. There is the possibility of buying advertising without registration and much more. Banner and link surfing, as well as other functionality. Installation and setup is very simple.  
    Mibux box module
    Introducing the updated Mibux axle script, it has a unique design and now it’s gorgeous in functionality!
    In addition to the Mibux script itself, which is without holes and other muck, now there are such additions: -Added payment system Megakassa -Added payment system Free-Kassa -Added module free referrals -Added module advertising chain -Added task module -Added module Exchanger -Added module daily bonus per click on the banner
    Buks script buy Start-Ref

    Buch script buy Start-Ref, with a new and adapted design that works on the engine of fruit farms. With this script, you can run your own advertising company that will help you make money instantly. Compared to other bucket scripts, this script has a calculated and convenient tool for automatic and manual surfing, that is, which pays money for the usual viewing of advertising.

    The script of the foreign box.
    Very beautiful and colorful design, additional modules added.
    There is a Payeer payment system with auto-completion and auto-withdrawal.
    Everything is configured in the admin panel.

    Demo:   Clickbox
    Buchs 2016 Vkmix
    Work Books 2016 with Vkmix service design. No holes were found, the functions are similar to SeoFast. supports RoboKassa, WM. InterKassa, Payeer. The instruction is attached.
    Vaipe axle script
    Completely original Vaipe.ru axle box script A chic, modern design in warm blue tones. Various ratings, various contests, awards, popular payments WebMoney, Payer, surfing, tasks, tests, pixword, refsystem, internal system advertising and a lot of what else. -Added new features in the admin panel Bonus review -Section Friends and much more!!!
    The script is multilateral, a bunch of payment systems, the moderator has his own admin panel. Moderation auto / manual payments as well.
    Nice design and multifunctional site.
    stillmaster axle script
    This is a well-known box script from Stillmaster. Its differences from others in that it has a number of innovations.
    Script box Seo-Best
    I bring to your attention a very interesting buksik script. It is interesting that it has SMS confirmation, which significantly reduces the number of cartoons on the site. There are daily contests that automatically run and a lot of interesting things. Installation is simple as usual to register the base in the config.
    Script script on payeer
    In this box, in addition to the main functionality, there is space game, knb, tear the bank, doubler and many other interesting features.
    New advanced BUKS - EXpromo
    EX promo is an active advertising system that can be used as an additional source of income.
    New FF engine script
    New FF engine script with unique design. The axle box is 100% working, no holes or shells were found, this script has a new beautiful template. It has good functionality and a convenient admin panel, very easy to install.
    New Bucks on the FF engine
    New unique beautiful Buchs on the Fruit Farm engine.
    Active Advertising System
    Unique design and improved functionality for mfs 2.2 script

    1. New design.

    2. Security.

    3. Chats on ajax with automatic loading.

    4. Redesigned advertising ordering system.

    5. Tested with three months of work, closed, as the enthusiasm passed.
    Script script SooFast 3.0 with a beautiful design
    New modification of Bux script. This assembly contains the best features and additions, a completely new admin panel. Beautiful modern design, impressive multifunctionality both from ordinary users and from the administrator.
    Rubclick box script with a beautiful design
    A new script for the RubKlik.ru axle box with a chic modern design.
    MFS 2.2 script
    Script MFS 2.2, with a beautiful design!


    1. put the data in config.php in the root and in the admin folder

    2. Paste the database dump from the database.sql file

    3.Provide 777 permissions for the sfbstat.php file
    Babker script
    Today I want to introduce you to the full discharge of the site babker.ru. The site runs in the Drupal engine .. Well optimized and configured. Installation is simple. The archive with the site database is included.
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