Ashampoo Burning Studio 7.10
    Ashampoo Burning Studio - a program for burning CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD + RW and Blu-ray discs. Ashampoo Burning Studio supports long file names, 127 characters for DVD and Blu-ray and 64 for CD. Allows you to save and load projects, create images, has automatic parameter settings and support for the Drag & Drop function. Burning WAV, MP3, FLAC, WMA and Ogg Vorbis files to an Audio CD is possible without additional plug-ins.
    Virtual CD
    Virtual CD is its own name and indicates the purpose of the program. About the advantages: There is no need for constant use of CD-ROM, it allows you to read virtual disks with two-hundredth speed, there is no noise of CD-ROM, support for CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, DVD Video, Video CD, Photo CD, Extra CD, Mixed Mode CDs, CDIs, Audio CDs and Text CDs, hotkeys let you instantly insert virtual CDs, password protection, etc.
    Backup To DVDCD 5.1.206
    A compact program that allows you to back up important files and information by burning them to DVD and CD discs (also other devices). You can compress data and divide information into several disks. Simple, easy to use interface.
    Acala DVD Copy 2.4.9
    The program allows you to copy DVD-discs, various films, two-layer DVD-9, with the ability to burn them to their media. In addition, it is possible to cut certain scenes in the video, delete subtitles and audio tracks, compression to reduce the size and much more. Nice interface.
    Sateira CD and DVD Burner 2.6
    Many programs for burning CDs and DVDs are crammed with an abundance of not absolutely necessary additional features and therefore possess a fair amount and are demanding on resources. Sateira CD & DVD Burner weighs only 3.3 mb, has a convenient interface, can create, contains all the necessary tools for fast and high-quality recording.
    File Salvage 2.0
    File Salvage - Copy files from poorly readable CDs and DVDs. You should select a file, click the Start button, wait for the process to finish and the file will be copied to the hard drive. Simple interface
    Oront Burning Kit 1.4
    The program is intended for recording, copying and formatting CD / DVD discs. It has a nice intuitive interface, allows you to burn discs with data, music, video, and also easily creates ISO-images. Oront Burning Kit is not demanding on resources, takes up little space on your hard drive and simplifies working with disks.
    UltraISO Premium
    The program can not only create ISO files from any disk, including a hard one, but also allows you to edit already created images, i.e. directly modify the contents, pull out or modify any files and much more. All known formats are supported, there is a function to create bootable disks.
    Alcohol 120%
    The program has nothing to do with alcohol, as you might think by looking at the name. It is intended for creating disk images. The resulting images can be used with emulators of CD / DVD drives or burn to disc. Alcohol 120% can make working copies of protected games, which compares favorably with competitors. The program forms an excellent tandem with the DAEMON Tools utility.
    A-Ray Scanner
    A-Ray Scanner, unlike Copy-Discovery 2000, shows not only the type of protection, but also its exact version. In addition, the utility works without installation.
    AVS Disc Creator FREE
    AVS Disc Creator is probably the only free program that allows you to burn Blu-ray discs. Of course, you can record all kinds of CD and DVD discs. The indisputable advantage of AVS Disc Creator is a simple and intuitive interface, translated into Russian. Using the program is easy and pleasant, so we can safely recommend it to those who often have to burn regular data discs.
    CDBurnerXP Pro Alpha
    The program can burn CD and DVD with data, audio discs and DVD Video. Also, CDBurnerXP easily grabs music CDs and converts BIN and NRG (Nero) images to ISO format. In general, when completely free, the program has a gentlemanly set of discwriting functions that most people can grasp.
    Copy-Discovery 2000 2.06
    Copy-Discovery 2000 is a great utility for all copy lovers. Allows you to accurately determine what kind of protection is used on a particular drive. Knowing this data, one can not guess which profile to choose in the same Alcohol 120%, so that the resulting image is working. A lot of time is saved, because without Copy-Discovery 2000 you would have to sort through the parameters manually.
    DeepBurner Free
    DeepBurner can be called a free replacement for Nero 7. Of course, there is not such a huge number of utilities, but at the same time there is everything necessary for the normal burning of discs. And even more than that: there is an editor for covers and labels for CDs, as well as an autorun editor. It is not difficult to make a boot menu: we select a background image and buttons, assign each button the desired action (open a file or folder, launch a program, and so on) - and that’s all. We get a nice menu without any extra effort.
    DVD Identifier 5.0.1
    If you have a doubt that the purchased branded disc is not entirely branded, you can check your suspicions using DVD Identifier. The program considers the sectors that contain information about the manufacturer of the disk and the supported recording speeds, after which it will show you the results of its work. You can determine the parameters of DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVD discs, but there are no ordinary CDs, which, frankly, is surprising.
    ImgBurn can only record an image on a disc. She does not know how to do anything else, but she supports almost all currently known image formats. It seems to be nothing special, but another thing is surprising: some incredible amount of recording options. Everything seems to be provided for what one could wish for. It’s a pity that it’s impossible to simply write files from a hard disk using ImgBurn, otherwise it wouldn’t have a price.
    Nero 7 Premium Reloaded
    Nero 7 Premium Reloaded is such a monumental creation that it’s breathtaking. You can say a thousand times that Nero 7 is a clumsy, gluttonous cattle, but this does not change the matter: so many functions can not be found in any other program. If you wish, you can spend three pages of our journal on their listing, but we, of course, will not do this. Just briefly mention the most important thing. And most importantly, the creators of Nero 7 tried to assemble in one package absolutely ...
    UUDiscStudio - this is the smallest "full" program for burning discs that we have seen. Judge for yourself: at 423 kilobytes, the author crammed the ability to burn CDs, DVDs and audio discs on the fly, create and burn ISO images, and burn DVD Video (although you will have to manually prepare the disc structure for recording a movie on DVD, that is, the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders, so the function is a little dubious). All this is wrapped in a nice-looking wrapper and, recall, weighs less than a megabyte half ...
    Sateira CD & DVD Burner 2.32
    Utility for burning discs, creating images and erasing data from rewritable CD / DVD.
    If the drive refuses to read the damaged disk, CDCheck will come to the rescue. She knows how to read disks byte-by-byte, so even in the most hopeless cases information can be saved.
    DVDInfoPro 4.50
    DVDInfoPro 4.50 is a free convenient program that provides detailed information about your optical drive (buffer size, write and read speeds of various media) and the media that you use.
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