Matomo v3.6.1 - Web analytics script
    Matomo is an open source web analytics system built by web developers from all over the world. Matomo is installed on a web server and runs on PHP / MySQL. Today Matomo is used on over 1,000,000 sites. Matomo strives to become a full-fledged free, open and independent alternative to Google Analytics in the world and, in particular, Yandex. Metrics in Russia.
    LiCharts v1.2 - Combining LI Statistics
    The LiCharts script combines the statistics of your sites from LiveInternet, building a graph based on the total traffic data, as well as providing convenient monitoring of the current activity of all sites on one page.

    Script capabilities:
    Total traffic of added sites
    Daily / weekly / monthly charts
    Working with password-protected statistics
    Show today's data with change
    Blocking access with a password (uncomment line 6 at the beginning of the script)
    Site groups
    Open source, no database required
    WebRock 3.0 Cracked
    WebRock 3.0 Cracked - Page Builder Framework for HTML5

    WebRock is a full-fledged HTML5 page builder with the ability to drag and drop with WYSIWYG editing, which makes it an invaluable resource for every designer.

    WebRock accompanies a huge number of implicit articles and plugins. You get full access to HTML, PHP and SCSS documents for each of them.
    Website Scraper - website parsing script
    Web Scraper is a tool for extracting information from websites. This tool is useful for those who, for example, want to download an HTML template. Collects all the data from the site - images, CSS and JS. It does not require a database, just upload the script to the hosting and it is ready to work.
    Another set of sliders
    The assembly includes sliders, galleries, tabs, pagination pagination ... This is not a dumb set of sliders, but suitable specifically for news sites.

    There is a demo
    Script Q & A
    Script Q & A

    - Change page design

    - Restricting access to the profile

    - Profile Lock

    - Profile Settings

    - Anonymous questions

    - Get a random question

    - Email alerts

    - A list of users

    - Search

    - Delete questions

    - Restore access to the profile

    - Ability to publish your link in social networks.

    - And much more.

    The script in English
    Script search music on VKontakte VKMusic 5

    1.Works through API v.3.0 (uses multiple accounts)

    2. All requests are cached.

    3. Parses lyrics to a song. (View lyrics for a song on a separate page.)

    4.Ability to change the design (php + html).

    5. Playlist on browser cookies.

    6. Change the order of songs in the playlist.

    7. Getting the size and bit rate.

    8. Set the number of tracks displayed on 1 page.

    9. The output of related videos.

    10. The ability to use multiple VK accounts. (one account can execute no more than 3 requests per second, otherwise access to the API is temporarily blocked by the account).

    11. TOP radio stations.

    12.Links of the form .html

    13. Does not use obd

    14. Repeat one track.
    TorrentStrike - torrent tracker

    TorrentStrike version 1.0 - torrent tracker engine
    JetBrains WebStorm 2018.3.3 (License Patch)
    JetBrains WebStorm is a tool for developing websites and editing HTML, CSS and javascript code. The solution provides quick file navigation and generates real-time notification of problems in the code. JetBrains WebStorm allows you to add markup of HTML documents or SQL elements directly to javascript and implements deployment and synchronization of projects via FTP. WebStorm offers an automatic solution to problems such as selecting the format, properties, classes, file links, and other CSS attributes.
    JetBrains PhpStorm 2018.3.3 (License Patch)
    JetBrains PhpStorm is a powerful development environment with support for PHP, HTML and other web programming languages. With it, you can maximize your productivity through built-in tools that make it easier to work with code, you can download PhpStorm below. The program works as correctly as possible with the code, is able to give hints, can track your mistakes and immediately notify about it. The application will help to collect your code, after which you can run tests and perform visual debugging.
    PhpStorm also supports working with CSS and HTML, javascript - in general, this is all that can come in handy when creating a web application.
    AucBID NULLED - auction script
    AucBID is a PHP Laravel auction script that allows you to sell your products through bids. Increase revenue and user engagement by selling products at auction. the person concerned will bet on the available products and the winner will receive the product. Turn your website into an online betting platform with
    AucBID Auction Script , you need almost zero coding knowledge to manage this application. It is built with the Laravel PHP Framework, which allows you to customize any features you want. You will get a high-performance application that can process a lot of data.
    Marketing v1.0.1 - corporate site script
    Marketing CMS is a corporate website script that offers the opportunity to have a good one-page / multi-page template as your own website, or you can use it as a landing page with some information. In addition, a powerful admin panel will help you do the job quite easily. This is a comprehensive solution for everyone who does not have coding knowledge or code change skills on these issues. The platform is prepared for multilingualism and offers the ability to change colors to suit your business or product.
    Exchangeo - a currency exchange platform
    Exchangeo is an online currency exchange platform developed with Laravel. Using the script, you can create your own website for exchanging electronic currencies (such as: PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, WebMoney, Payeer, Perfect Money, AdvCash, OKPay, SolidTrust Pay, Payza ETC). A wonderful and convenient interface for use by the client and a practical admin panel for use in site administration are included.
    Exchangeo comes with cross-browser optimization and more than 16 automatic payment methods.
    eMarket NULLED - digital goods store script
    eMarket is a digital merchants platform designed for an online store selling content, scripts, software or websites for selling applications. Designed using PHP Laravel & mySQL. eMarket supports almost 16 online payment methods, including the most popular cryptocurrencies. emarket is a safe, error-free, responsive, affordable and easy to install solution.
    ClassifiedsPlus v1.03 - Bulletin Board
    ClassifiedsPlus is an extremely lightweight and fully featured bulletin board CMS suitable for high traffic sites. This script was created with the goal of fast loading and flexible configuration. ClassifiedsPlus uses the Bootstrap 4 layout grid, its components and utilities, and has a very neutral theme that can easily adapt to several types of businesses. All native PHP-code with a simple structural structure, any person with even the most basic knowledge of PHP, is able to quickly understand what is happening and make changes.
    Code Minifier - Compress CSS JS and HTML files
    Code Minifier is a super fast and easy php script that minimizes and compresses CSS, javascript and HTML code to increase the speed of loading a site. It automatically detects and removes old CSS scripts that modern web pages do not use to display your web pages. Also reduces unnecessary large CSS rules into much smaller code. The actual style and layout of the web page will not be affected with this compressor. You can choose one of 4 compression levels, depending on how legible you want the compressed code to be depending on the degree of compression.
    JobFinder v1.2 - Affiliate Job Search Script
    Using a script
    JobFinder, you can launch your own fully automated affiliate job search site in minutes. Let your visitors search for millions of jobs posted on thousands of websites in the world and earn money by driving traffic to the original job listing site.
    phpMeteo v2.0.0 - weather site script
    phpMeteo is a weather forecast platform script that allows users to get detailed weather forecast information. It comes with built-in geolocation, a weather change schedule, multi-language support, a light and dark interface, etc. Find out what your weather is, as well as weather, humidity, wind speed and direction. Get detailed hourly weather information for a specific day; forecast data includes weather conditions, humidity, and temperature.
    Betternet VPN Premium 5.0.5 Cracked
    Betternet VPN Premium allows you to remove all restrictions and bypass prohibitions that previously existed on the Internet. The VPN client provides access to the content that you need, even if it is blocked.
    Slot Machine The Fruits - HTML5 Slot Machine Game
    Slot Machine The Fruits is an HTML5 casino game. Enjoy this colorful slot machine with classic fruit symbols! This game was developed using HTML5 / JS and the third-party CreateJs library. The game is fully compatible with all the most common mobile devices.
    SEO Studio v2.0.11 - Professional Tools for SEO
    SEO Studio is an easy, fast and high-quality tools for search engine optimization and web mastering. Easily install it on your website so that your visitors or customers can use it. Find your current Google ranking for all your keywords. Checks the first 250 results. Best search queries - Displays the most popular search queries that lead visitors to your site, as well as the approximate monthly search volume, cost per click and percentage of the total number of search queries for each request.
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