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IPS Community Suite 4.4.8 NULLED

Вышел новый релиз популярного форумного движка IPS Community Suite 4.4.8 ! Версия 4.4.8 является небольшим обновлением для обслуживания, чтобы исправить проблемы, о которых сообщалось с 4.4.7. Офф. сайт: https://invisioncommunity.com/

Upgraded CodeMirror to 5.49.0.
Upgraded CKEditor to 4.13.
Increased the amount of text that can be stored within an announcement.
Fixed merging members creating duplicate follow records.
Fixed an issue where accounts banned as a result of the spam service may be deleted automatically if email validation is enabled, allowing the user to register again.
Fixed an issue embedding Twitch clips in some cases.
Fixed a performance issue with Elasticsearch and posting in large topics.
Fixed an issue where content items would stop showing in streams when deleting the last comment on that content item and using Elasticsearch.
Fixed a CSRF error paginating through clubs after changing your view preference.
Fixed floated images inside spoilers breaking out of the spoiler box.
Fixed an issue with club breadcrumbs on mobile devices when the "Overview" tab is not the default tab for the club.
Fixed an issue confirming guests have not reviewed an item when they have used the "post before registering" feature.
Fixed an issue where the submit button on the account validation screen could be clicked multiple times, resulting in more than one confirmation email being sent.
Fixed possible issue downloading the member list export on larger sites.
Fixed a styling issue viewing the list of members who were not initially included in a member export.
Fixed an issue where club nodes weren't shown in the node selector while creating custom streams in the ACP.
Fixed a possible error in the menu manager where editing a deleted menu item would throw an exception.
Fixed an issue where email addresses weren't saved for accounts created via non-default login methods when allowed domains were defined.
Fixed a bug where certain email notifications triggered by guests may show incorrect verbiage in the email content.
Fixed two issues where replying to Status Posts or hiding/unhiding them could fail when Elastic Search is being used.
Fixed an issue saving custom chart views in the AdminCP when a lot of nodes were stored.
Fixed an issue updating date ranges for custom chart views in the AdminCP in some cases.
Fixed a styling issue for widgets not set to show on all devices in some cases.
Fixed an issue where cancelling editing a post with a spoiler results in the spoiler no longer working.
Fixed an issue where spotify links wouldn't embed.
Fixed some missing friendly URLs.
Fixed a niche error where a wrong message can be displayed if there is a network failure whilst browsing status updates.
Fixed an issue where multiple New User Awaiting Validation notifications can be sent when using User then Admin Validation. Forums
Fixed an issue where multipage topics that have been read can be marked as unread when visiting a page other than the last.
Fixed a styling issue in QA forums when no rows are shown.
Fixed an issue where an incorrect meta description tag may persist when navigating through the forums. Gallery
Fixed an issue which made it impossible to move images into albums set to allow submissions from the public, specific members, specific groups, and club members.
Fixed promote button not showing on non-lightbox Gallery image view fallback page. Commerce
Fixed potential double charges if using Stripe.
Fixed customer name showing as random characters in Stripe when a guest purchases something and opts to save their card on file.
Fixed Hosting Error ACP Notifications causing an error when viewing the notifications page.
Fixed an issue when a guest makes a donation.
Fixed the missing overlay title while creating & editing an invoice note.
Fixed possible timeout error when generating invoices manually in the AdminCP.
Fixed an issue where purchases which wouldn't require a billing address couldn't be marked as paid.
Fixed an issue where club joining fees may be shown without tax. Pages
Fixed an issue previewing feed blocks in the AdminCP when restricting the feed by author.
Fixed an issue where "Records" would be shown in database notification emails if categories were not being used for the database. Calendar
Fixed manual iCalendar uploads requiring a venue to be specified if venues are enabled.
Fixed an error importing ics files in the AdminCP if a venue is specified. Converters
Added support for vBulletin 5.5.3+ conversions.
Added support for XenForo 2.1.x conversions.
Fixed issues with running conversions on MySQL 8.0.17 or newer.
Fixed an issue converting from MyBB where PMs would not reflect the correct conversation starter.
Fixed an issue where members may not be correctly assigned to groups that were added during the conversion.
Fixed a bad log reference when converting from Gallery if the image is invalid.
Fixed an issue where an error may be triggered when installing a new application and attempting to start a new conversion.
Fixed an issue converting WordPress post thumbnails to Pages record image. Third-Party / Developer / Designer Mode
Centralized the breadcrumb generation method for club nodes to reduce code duplication and ensure breadcrumb consistency.
Changed `IPSHttpUrl::ips()` to be declared as `final`, so hooks cannot override it.
Fixed an issue using custom table helpers without quicksearch where the result and page counts may inadvertently get reset.
Fixed an issue where cached unapproved/hidden review counts when merging content items were not adjusted properly. **You may wish to rebuild these counts in an upgrade routine within third party applications that support reviews and merging of content items.**
Fixed an issue where the hidden status when creating a new review may not be set properly during creation when calling `IPSContentReview::create()`.
Minor code clarification where curly braces were omitted (while unnecessary, some found the code confusing to read). IPS Community Suite 4.4.8 NULLED Z ips-community-suite-4.4.8-nulled.zip Размер: 14.46 Mb , скачали 544 раз Русский язык для IPS Community Suite 4.4.8
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